RBS share sell-off is a welcome move

The move by George Osborne to reduce the government's stake in RBS has been met with criticism as shares were reportedly sold at a third of the price that the government originally paid. The IEA has welcomed the move however, with Dr Stephen Davies appearing on BBC News and BBC Five Live to discuss the topic. Comments by Mark Littlewood also featured in The Daily Mail and The Daily Express. To read the press release, click here.  

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media coverage - 5 Aug 2015

Steve Davies appears on The Today Programme

media coverage - 5 Aug 2015
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By Anthony Evans, 5th Aug 2015 ( comments)

If you are scared of neoliberalism then consider whether those neoliberals you are talking about want to run the banking system. If they do, then I’m on your side, but would suggest that ‘monetary socialist’ is a more accurate label than ‘neoliberal’. If they don’t want to run the banking system, then you can relax. We’ll never get our way.

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1 Oct 2015

Institute of Directors

8 Oct 2015

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