John Blundell: 1952 - 2014

We are extremely saddened by the news that former Director General of the IEA, John Blundell, has passed away. John Blundell spent two decades as the IEA’s Director General and later became a Distinguished Senior Fellow. As an accomplished historian and an active participant within organisations such as the Atlas Network, IHS and Heritage Foundation, John Blundell made an enormous contribution to the work of the IEA and the freedom movement. He will be very much missed. 

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media coverage - 25 Jul 2014

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media coverage - 25 Jul 2014
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Hollande recognises the need for reform. But his proposed solutions come straight from the old corporatist copybook – underpinned by the idea that the state, employees and businesses are differing interests working together for the common good. This ideology leads to lots of economically illiterate policies, in particular extortionate rates of tax...

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