The IEA releases its latest paper: The Fat Lie

In a new paper, Director of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon, finds that the rise in obesity in the UK has been caused primarily by declining physical activity. Evidence shows that per capita consumption of sugar, fat and calories has been falling in the UK for decades and hence, the increased availability of junk food is not wholly to blame.

You can read the publication in full here. 

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media coverage - 27 Aug 2014

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By Kristian Niemietz, 28th Aug 2014 ( comments)

“Labour’s summary of the ideas […] says they “clear the way for a massive shift of resources from the NHS to private companies”. […] [P]rivate companies (Labour says) are to be enabled to asset-strip the NHS. The NHS must pay full price to the private sector, which will be allowed to pillage NHS resources.” 

This passage could easily be from any of today’s papers, but it is actually from a 1983 issue of the Times. Paranoia about secret plans to ‘privatise the NHS’ is old, quite possibly almost as old as the NHS itself. The NHS has been ‘privatised’ so many times, one wonders why there is still so much of it left. It does not take much to trigger a new episode of NHS Privatisation Paranoia (NHS-PP): Any minor organisational change that might affect the interplay of the NHS with the dreaded private sector can set it off again.

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