Britain's Baker's Dozen of Disasters

Britain's Baker's Dozen of Disasters: The UK’s thirteen worst economic policy mistakes since 1900by Peter Clarke and Robert C. B. Miller, is the latest book to be published by the IEA. This topical new paper outlines Britain's 13 biggest economic policy errors of the last century, from nationalisation to trade union immunities. The paper was featured in The Sunday Telegraph and Philip Booth discussed the key themes in CityAM. To read the paper in full, click here. To read the press release, click here. 

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By Philip Booth, 5th Oct 2015 ( comments)

Free-market supporters are often accused of materialism and putting too great an emphasis on economic growth. It is true that economic growth tends to be the outcome of free markets, but this is not their end. The point of free markets is to allow free action in the economic sphere so that people (individually and working together) can achieve their objectives. For some this might be more family life and less work; some people might want to work for a co-operative (even if their productivity and wages were lower); and so on.

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