The National Living Wage

In his July Budget, George Osborne announced that a National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour for over 25-year-olds would be introduced in April 2016. The government has this week stated that employers will face tough penalties if they fail to pay their staff this higher wage.

In April 2014, the IEA released 'The Minimum Wage: Silver Bullet or Poisoned Chalice?'.

To read Ryan Bourne's and Kristian Niemietz's reaction to the National Living Wage on the IEA blog, click here and here. 

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By Ryan Bourne, 1st Sep 2015 ( comments)

The sharing or “gig” economy is allowing people to utilise their human and physical capital outside of corporate structures. Far from representing the end of capitalism, however, the gig economy is a new stage. Rather than overthrowing the market, technology and easy access to information is extending it by bringing in more personal assets. This is not post-capitalism, this is capitalism proper. Of course, such technologies are also allowing collaborative activities like Wikipedia, which, as Mason rightly says, does not operate commercially. But what makes Mason think that this is something which “free marketeers” or “neoliberals” would oppose?

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25 Sep 2015

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