IEA reaction to Leave vote in EU referendum

Commenting on the news that the British electorate has voted to leave the European Union, our Director General Mark Littlewood has said:
"Today's vote to leave the European Union presents the UK with a great and exciting opportunity to look outwards to the rest of the world, to take a more internationalist approach and move towards a position of free trade on a global basis, with the EU but also beyond it.
"...Leaving the European Union has also opened up the possibility for the UK government to adopt a much fairer, non-discriminatory immigration policy that no longer puts non-EU nationals at a disadvantage and is instead applied equally across the world."
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By Richard Teather, 27th Jun 2016 ( comments)

One aspect that didn’t get a mention in the campaign was the huge extent to which the EU already influences the UK’s tax agenda.  The most obvious is VAT, but the EU has also controlled or influenced many other areas of tax policy, where the UK will soon be free to choose its own direction.

The next couple of years will determine whether the post-Brexit UK becomes an outward-looking global economy or retreats into nationalistic tariff wars.

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2 Jul 2016

Royal Geographical Society, London

14 Jul 2016



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