Judging the manifestos

Political parties from across the spectrum have been releasing their manifestos this week for the 2015 General Election.


IEA Director General Mark Littlewood commenting on each one was concerned about the lack of serious thought that any party seems to have been paying to the deficit, offering instead vague pledges and plans.


Read what the IEA has to say about the manifestos here.

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press release - 17 Apr 2015

Banning unpaid internships is misguided

media coverage - 16 Apr 2015
Research - 2 Apr 2015
Research - 26 Mar 2015
Research - 16 Mar 2015
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By Andrew Lilico, 17th Apr 2015 ( comments)

Since free internships are quasi-training courses, they are typically going to be of greater value to the trainee than to the trainer. So if Ed Miliband bans companies from offering them for free, the response will be fairly straightforward: firms will charge for them instead. They will only change the name from ‘internship’ to ‘on-the-job training course’.

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