Martin Durkin joins August's Future Freedom event

The IEA is delighted to host TV producer and documentary film director, Martin Durkin, at August's Future Freedom event, due to be held on Wednesday 12 August at 6.30pm. Martin's films include: "Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary", described by James Delingpole as a "must-see masterpiece", and "Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story" . For more details on the event or to RSVP, click here. 

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By Joshua Woods, 30th Jul 2015 ( comments)

There is no principled reason why economists holding broadly left wing views should be supporting laws such as our restrictive land use planning regulations which benefit wealthy homeowners and force low income people to pay higher rents. The ongoing ‘war’ on drugs which persecutes those at the bottom of society alongside increasingly determined efforts to restrict the number of migrants able to work within Britain are also examples of supply side restrictions which economists of all ideological hues can unite in discouraging.

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1 Oct 2015

Institute of Directors

8 Oct 2015

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