An Alternative Queen’s Speech

Ahead of the Queen's Speech, the IEA has put together some key policies which would encourage deregulation, increased competition and growth in the UK. With our economy still experiencing poor productivity, measure to cut spending, tax and red tape should form the core of the government’s agenda for the rest of this Parliament. To read the IEA's response to the Queen's Speech, click here. To view our twelve priorities, ranging from transport to childcare, click here. 

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By Philip Booth, 28th May 2015 (1 comment)

Why is it a moral imperative for employers to pay whatever the living wage happens to be when the level of the living wage is largely controlled by government policy? If the government decides to be more liberal with planning policies and reduce alcohol taxes, the living wage might fall to £5.50 an hour. If it decides to be still less liberal with regard to planning policies and to increase alcohol taxes, the living wage might rise to £9 an hour. What moral principle is it that determines that an employer must adjust its wage levels to compensate for the effects of these policies?

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