2020 Vision: Cutting the UK’s Cost of Living

Throughout September, we’re concentrating on Cutting the UK’s Cost of Living. In a series of new reports, we’ll demonstrate how over-regulation and taxation have pushed up living costs; we’ll identify the flaws in rent controls and highlight the red herrings regularly used in the cost of living debate. We’ll also be staging events at party conferences and releasing new short films examining the impact of sin taxes and housing costs. To find out more about 2020 Vision click here  

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media coverage - 17 Sep 2014

Mark Littlewood features in the Daily Express

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By Ryan Bourne, 17th Sep 2014 ( comments)

The potential gains from planning liberalisation are clear: lower housing costs, a reduced cost of many goods and services, a better functioning labour market, and higher productivity and wages. The question is whether there is any appetite among our politicians to take on the vested interests opposed to reform.

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