Philip Booth presents evidence on devolution

The IEA's Academic and Research Director, Philip Booth, gave evidence on devolution and his proposal for a federal UK to the House of Lords Constitution Committee. The current constitutional settlement in the UK is dangerously unstable and EVEL will not solve the problem. Instead, the only long-term stable solution is to create a proper federal state with a very small number of powers held at UK level. Federal Britain: The case for decentralisationthe first paper from The Paragon Initiativeexplains the proposal.

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By Kristian Niemietz, 27th Nov 2015 ( comments)

The single best measure in the autumn statement is the announcement to devolve business rates to local councils. This will introduce a dose of tax competition into our rigid system of local governance. The problem is the overall inconsistency: this measure remains an alien element in an otherwise heavily Whitehall-centric Autumn Statement. In the same breath, Osborne also announced a raft of discretionary spending measures concerning issues that are intrinsically local or regional in character. What kind of ‘devolution’ plan starts with splashing central government money about?

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2 Dec 2015

Church House, Westminster


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