IEA Brexit Prize: Winner announced

Iain Mansfield, a 30 year old member of the diplomatic service based at the British embassy in Manila, has been announced as the winner of the €100,000 IEA Brexit Prize. Iain's winning entry, A Blueprint for Britain: Openness not Isolation outlines a blueprint for Britain after the EU in the event of an 'Out' vote in a referendum on the European Union. You can find out more about the winner here. 

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media coverage - 15 Apr 2014

Dr Stephen Davies appears on BBC Radio Essex

media coverage - 12 Apr 2014
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By Nima Sanandaji and Stefan Fölster, 16th Apr 2014 ( comments)

As Britain's short term growth prospects improve, pressure for further economic reforms recedes. Over the past two years Parliament has enacted few structural reforms, and the pace is likely to slow even further up until the next election. Perhaps it is time to draw inspiration from two other Anglo‑Saxon nations, which have succeeded thanks to a more long-term commitment to growth.

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IEA Brexit prize

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