2015 General Election: Manifesto breakdown

With just under two weeks until the election, each of the main parties have put forward their plans in the hope to win over the electorate before May 7th. Responding to the manifestos of Labour, The Conservatives, The Liberal Democrats, UKIP and The Green Party, IEA representatives have had much to say on a whole host of policy areas, from the budget deficit and spending restraint to the EU and rail fares. To view the thoughts of IEA spokespeople on all the electoral proposals, click here. 

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media coverage - 24 Apr 2015

Ryan Bourne features in The Evening Standard

Research - 21 Apr 2015
Research - 2 Apr 2015
Research - 26 Mar 2015
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By Christopher Snowdon, 21st Apr 2015 ( comments)

Barack Obama is said to have described inequality as the 'defining challenge of our time' and Ed Miliband has made it a central theme of his election campaign. But what form of inequality do they mean - income inequality, wealth inequality, political inequality? And why should we be concerned?

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