The IEA releases its latest paper: The Fat Lie

In a new paper, Director of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon, finds that the rise in obesity in the UK has been caused primarily by declining physical activity. Evidence shows that per capita consumption of sugar, fat and calories has been falling in the UK for decades and hence, the increased availability of junk food is not wholly to blame.

You can read the publication in full here. 

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media coverage - 19 Aug 2014

Philip Booth appears on BBC Radio Four

media coverage - 18 Aug 2014
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By Jared Meyer, 22nd Aug 2014 ( comments)

Prime Minister David Cameron’s “all-in” push for developing the UK’s shale gas reserves continues to generate what seems to be strong public backlash.

While vocal protesters receive much publicity, they do not represent the views of most of the population. A recent UK Onshore Oil and Gas poll found that 57 percent of residents were in favor of fracking and only 16 percent were opposed. While this survey was commissioned by an industry group, its results are similar to others that have found widespread support for fracking.


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27 Oct 2014

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