Presidential Race to the Finish

After a year of campaigning, attack ads and Donald Trump, this week Iowans went to the polls to kickstart the nominating process for next President of the United States of America. Last week the IEA brought together speakers from across the political spectrum to take stock of the state of the race, and discuss what to look for both in Iowa, and in the New Hampshire Primary next week.


You can watch a replay of the event on ieaTV here.

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By Michael Munger, 5th Feb 2016 (1 comment)

Why do we own, rather than rent, so much stuff? The answer is transactions costs. When I need an electric saw, I don't rent one. I go to my garage and find my electric circular saw. I only use that saw two or three times a year. But I still own one. On the other hand, when I fly to Oklahoma to work on a video programme or give lectures, I don't buy a car; I hire one. Why do I own a saw, but hire cars? The reason is that it has paid some entrepreneur to sell reductions in transactions costs, in the form of software. 

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9 Feb 2016


9 Feb 2016

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