In Focus – The case for privatising the BBC

Our latest IEA report calls for the commercial privatisation of the BBC.


The case for privatisation is multi-faceted: change in the commercial landscape has demolished the economic and practical arguments for the licence fee, and new analysis of a number of case studies suggests the BBC exhibits relative biases in a number of areas, undermining its credibility as a public service broadcaster.

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By Len Shackleton, 29th Apr 2016 ( comments)

I’d ask at this point whether we need trade unions as much as in the past – or rather, do we need the type of unions we have inherited from that past. Nowadays we have employment rights which go way beyond anything which unions ever secured directly for their members. We have minimum wages, unfair dismissal legislation, equal pay and anti-discrimination laws, parental leave, flexible working rights, auto-enrolment in private pensions and so on. Although some of these measures reflect union pressure, others – notably minimum wages and unfair dismissal – were historically opposed by unions which preferred collective bargaining to government regulation.

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