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We have a number of exciting new opportunities available at the IEA. Our European outreach network. EPICENTER, the European Policy Information Center, is an initiative co-founded by six leading think tanks from across the European Union and is on the hunt for a new Director.

The IEA is also on the look out of an External Relations Assistant to help with our extensive outreach programmes.


For more detals on the roles and how to apply, click here. 



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media coverage - 4 Aug 2015

Steve Davies appears on The Jeremy Vine Show

press release - 4 Aug 2015
media coverage - 4 Aug 2015
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By Kristian Niemietz, 4th Aug 2015 ( comments)

The root-and-branch solution would be to move from the current pay-as-you-go financed health system (in which the working-age generation funds the healthcare costs of the elderly) to a prefunded one (in which every generation pays its way). Healthcare financing agencies would be required to build up old-age reserves for the people registered with them. Much like a pension fund, those reserves would accumulate over people’s working lives, to be drawn upon when they retire. 

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1 Oct 2015

Institute of Directors

8 Oct 2015

Institute of Directors


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