Thatcher: the Myth of Deregulation

In the IEA’s latest report, Thatcher: the Myth of Deregulation, Professor Philip Booth debunks the myth that Thatcher deregulated financial services. The new paper looks at how, contrary to popular belief, Margaret Thatcher replaced large amounts of private regulatory mechanisms with state regulation. The research featured in The Guardian and articles by Philip appeared in The Daily Telegraph and CityAM. To read the press release, click here.


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By Philip Booth, 26th May 2015 ( comments)

Big Bang was not a simple act of deregulation. It involved the government restricting independent regulatory institutions (mainly the Stock Exchange) that had evolved within the market and then – shortly afterwards – replacing them with statutory regulation governed by a complex web of semi-independent bodies. Yes, there was less regulation. But, this was because the government prohibited the market from regulating itself.

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