They key to affordable rent is more housing

Ryan Bourne, Head of Public Policy at the IEA, appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss whether or not there exists a need for tighter regulation of the UK's rental market. The debate has been sparked by the selling off of the New Era estate in London. Ryan emphasised that instead of further regulating the market, we need less restrictions on development and more housing. You can watch the interview here. You can read Ryan's paper on rent controls here.

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media coverage - 18 Dec 2014

Ryan Bourne appears on Channel 4 News

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By Kristian Niemietz, 22nd Dec 2014 ( comments)

The book has unintended entertainment value. Ironically, while Dorling appears to spend most of his waking hours railing against free-market economics, he seems to know absolutely nothing about it. What he really rails against is a bizarre caricature he has created in his mind, in which economic liberalism is simply an especially malevolent form of Social Darwinism, peppered with snobbery and hatred of the poor.

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