Kristian Niemietz
1 August 2013

  Milton Friedman once observed that, “with some notable exceptions, businessmen favour free enterprise in general, but are opposed to it when it comes to themselves.” With this in...
Peter Kain
30 July 2013

We are conditioned to accept that as projects such as High Speed 2 (HS2) are progressed, the cost estimates will rise. This, of course, invalidates a cost-benefit analysis – unless benefits are...
Darshan Zala
27 July 2013

Many have expressed the opinion that the very simple correlations shown in The Spirit Level alone can never show meaningful causality – this is correct. However, people can always claim the...
Len Shackleton
27 July 2013

Matthew Hancock, the Skills minister, has been doing the media rounds asserting that British firms have ‘a duty’ to take on British workers rather than immigrants. This is rather...
Benedikt Koehler
26 July 2013
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A political chain reaction was set off in the Arab world in 2010 when Mohammed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian stall-owner, was denied a licence to ply his trade and in desperation driven to suicide. That...
Kristian Niemietz
25 July 2013

The battle of the generations is raging. Did the Baby Boomers have an easier life? Or are the cosseted members of Generation Y – the demographic cohort born from the early 1980s onwards...
Philip Booth
24 July 2013

The Catholic Church has a social teaching because social and economic relationships are human relationships. There is much room for disagreement on specific policy issues but, when it comes to the...
David S. D'Amato
19 July 2013

Writing in The Guardian, Jesse Norman opined that recent weeks have ‘revealed a sea change in the whole nature of British politics.’ Norman says that Fabianism is forever dead in the...
Kristian Niemietz
18 July 2013

As economists, we are used to looking at summary indicators of living standards – income, expenditure, consumption etc. – and comparing them over time. Such measures are indispensable for...
Graeme Leach
17 July 2013

A key part of EU policy over the last 20 years or so has been the completion of what is described as an ‘internal market’. This involves not just the removal of explicit trade barriers...
Philip Booth
16 July 2013

Within two years of entering the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973, there was strong public support for Britain’s membership. In the 1975 referendum on the issue, 67 per cent voted to...
Pete Comley
15 July 2013

If you look at UK inflation over the last few centuries, you are immediately struck by the change that occurred after 1945. Until then, inflation took place mainly during major wars and then periods...
Philip Booth
12 July 2013
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The aspect of the tax avoidance debate which most exercises organisations such as Christian Aid is the issue of the taxation of companies with subsidiaries in poor countries. Christian Aid links tax...
e-cigarettes, snus, harm reduction
Christopher Snowdon
11 July 2013

Are free markets incompatible with good health? To hear some of the rhetoric that comes from the medical establishment, you might think so. If the solution to every problem involves banning...
John Blundell
10 July 2013

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Sir Antony Fisher, founder of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Antony Fisher was a very charming man...
Kristian Niemietz
8 July 2013

Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna is the latest politician to jump on the anti-retail-chain bandwagon, claiming that Britain is ‘in danger of sleepwalking towards monostreet’. Umunna...
John Burton
5 July 2013
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During a briefing on 5 November 2008 - conducted with big wall-chart graphs - about the ongoing financial ‘crunch’, the Queen dropped a (bombshell) question on the assembled throng of...
Alberto Mingardi
4 July 2013

Although he was used to dining with friends every Sunday, on one occasion Adam Smith ‘retired to bed before supper; and, as he went away, took leave of his friends by saying “I believe we...
Philip Booth
3 July 2013
1 comment

Google Cameron global race and you get a depressing 33,000,000 responses. Google Osborne global race and you get a depressing 2,650,000 responses. Apparently, the ‘global race’ is going...
Steve Davies
2 July 2013

Payday loans and pawnbrokers are a common feature of the nation’s high streets today, as they have been for centuries.  Recently however they have experienced something of a boom. Now they...

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