Michael Jeffers
6 August 2012
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In the United Kingdom, we are in a unique position to watch the chaos of the crumbling eurozone.  Media outlets are filled with daily stories of credit downgrades, hundred billion euro...
Laurence Copeland
3 August 2012

  Reading the final report of the Kay Review of Equity Markets is an unsettling experience, starting as it does in the tone of a Victorian blast from the pulpit: "Short-termism [...
Grant Maclaine
2 August 2012

During discussions about reform of the National Health Service (NHS), reference is often made to the state of US healthcare. Defenders of the UK status quo, who oppose the introduction of market...
Steve Davies
1 August 2012

As noted in the blog post by Philip Booth on 30th July, the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday was well produced and dramatic, with a skillful use of images drawn from popular culture and history...
Philip Booth
31 July 2012

When I was at university, the vast majority of liberal-thinking people were in the Federation of Conservative Students – an organisation that was shut down by Norman Tebbit for being too...
Philip Booth
30 July 2012

It would be churlish to do anything other than praise the technical brilliance of the Olympic opening ceremony. The choreography and the execution by both the professionals and volunteers were...
Philip Booth
26 July 2012

The statisticians will be arguing about the last quarter’s growth figures for years. Was it really a 0.7 per cent fall in national income, a 0.9 per cent fall or a 0.5 per cent fall? If it...
Steven Horwitz
25 July 2012
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Many believe that the housing boom and Great Recession were the result of human greed and the supposed deregulation of financial markets, both of which thereby demonstrate the failure of free...
Philip Booth
24 July 2012

Employment minister Chris Grayling might be going on holiday pretty chuffed with himself after the latest employment figures. On the other hand, a lot of other ministers have much to think about as...
Vuk Vukovic
23 July 2012

Europe is once again on the edge of the cliff. Spain is out of money to finance itself and its banks; Greece, even though the pro-bailout coalition was formed, remains Europe’s...
Kristian Niemietz
20 July 2012

  One of the advantages of allowing free schools is the greater diversity of educational philosophies that can result, provided free schools are not stifled by excessive...
James Stanfield
19 July 2012

Evidence from history and the present day, from both home and abroad, shows that there is no conflict between the profit motive and the provision of learning and education. If we reduce education...
James Croft
18 July 2012

  Michael Gove has framed his proposals for franchising 14-16 exams provision on a one board per subject basis as part of a wider effort to address the problem of exam boards competing on...
Richard Wellings
17 July 2012

Is electrifying branch lines in Wales a top priority for transport investment? It seems unlikely. But then again the government’s plans to invest £9.4bn in rail infrastructure show...
Forrest Caple
16 July 2012

  Anna Schwartz, who was made an Honorary Fellow of the IEA in 1997, was born in New York City on 11 November 1915. She died on 21 June 2012 at the age of 96 in New York City, where she...
Carlo Stagnaro
13 July 2012

  Can an intermittent source be integrated into a liberalised electricity market? It is technically feasible, but, if subsidies come into play, intermittent generation threatens to undermine...
Jose-Maria Garcia-Casado
12 July 2012

Occasionally we hear the voices of a minority with a penchant for the Austrian School of thought, questioning the current monetary system and calling for a return to the gold standard or a similar...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
11 July 2012

I am now accustomed to the fact that British journalists resort to extensive confirmation bias when arguing that free schools – especially for-profit ones – are driving down education...
Philip Booth
10 July 2012

It is perhaps surprising that senior people in the Catholic Church have been relatively quiet in the recent debate about tax avoidance. But, keeping quiet is probably a good strategy. After all,...
Patrick Basham and John Luik
9 July 2012

The long-awaited UK consultation on plain packaging was announced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in April and will end next month. The Conservatives, who had strongly opposed both tobacco...