Len Shackleton
28 July 2016

It is a constantly-reiterated view on the Left that the Conservatives are hell-bent on attacking employment rights and deregulating the labour market. We were warned during the referendum debate by...
Richard Wellings
27 July 2016

In welfare states, the economic benefits from immigration may be eroded by the additional costs of government handouts and public services. This problem has been particularly evident with some...
D.R. Myddelton
26 July 2016

As a child I was used to seeing a map of the world coloured pink or red to show the vast extent of the British Empire, on which the sun never set.  At that time I believed that we British had...
Richard Teather
25 July 2016
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Shortly before being sacked, George Osborne announced a plan to reduce the UK’s corporation tax rate to less than 15%, challenging Ireland at 12.5%. It is not yet known whether Philip Hammond...
Chris Snowdon
22 July 2016
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Remember April 2015? The tail end of the coalition government seems a long time ago. The bien-pensants now have a majority Conservative government and Brexit to get in a tizzy about, but before we...
Benjamin Powell
21 July 2016
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The rapid economic growth of East Asian economies after World War II led many to mistakenly believe that government industrial planning policies were the key to their success. Nothing could be...
Ryan Bourne
20 July 2016

It really could happen. Republican candidate Donald Trump might win the presidency of the United States on an overtly protectionist, anti-trade ticket. In a recent speech he slammed...
Mark Littlewood
19 July 2016

This wasn’t a lazy half-hearted reshuffle, Theresa May was imposing her own stamp on government. Rather than going for continuity, she was ruthless in personnel changes. Initially, it started...
Simon Barnett
18 July 2016

Let's talk about our economy. Our ≈£2.66 trillion GDP is comprised of slightly less than £2.1 trillion of services. It would be fair to describe the UK as a post-industrial...
Peter Ainsworth
15 July 2016
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The “Australian-style” points system that the Leave campaign was advocating during the EU referendum debate might provide more control over immigration than the EU’s open borders....
Kristian Niemietz
14 July 2016

If the so-called ‘EFTA/EEA option’ – leaving the EU, but staying in the single market, or in close vicinity to it – had been on the ballot paper, it would probably have...
Ryan Bourne
13 July 2016
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The statement was, at best, ambiguous. Its political consequences more profound. George Osborne said he will not hit his target for a budget surplus by 2020. Was this just a judgement that Brexit...
Ryan Bourne
12 July 2016

Predictably, those who demand more government spending both when the economy is doing well and badly are calling for increases to see off any potential post-Brexit slowdown. “Infrastructure...
Len Shackleton
11 July 2016

Last week’s decision by the House of Commons Education Committee not to endorse the appointment of Amanda Spielman as Ofsted Head raises important questions. Teaching unions have pointed to Ms...
Jonathan Portes
8 July 2016

Before the referendum, it appeared that a Brexit vote would mean that the UK faced a clear choice on immigration policy.  If we wanted as far as possible to retain access to the Single Market,...
Ryan Bourne
7 July 2016

"Businesses and markets hate uncertainty”. How many times have we heard that recently? In the aftermath of the referendum result, when the value of the pound fell and the FTSE 100 and 250...
Eduardo Belgrano
6 July 2016
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So Brexit it is. And if you believe many of the pundits opposing it, it would seem the UK has just voted to leave civilisation itself, and that all kind of maladies will now befall Britons. To put it...
Andrew Lilico
5 July 2016

In the run-up to the EU referendum, a number of the most high-profile companies, institutes and departments went out on a limb to claim that the economics profession was almost completely united in...
Philip Booth
4 July 2016
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This article is based on a presentation by Prof Booth at the Benedictus Forum, June 2016.   I have been asked to talk about whether government policy should affect the curriculum. The short...