Mark Littlewood
6 July 2011
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Next week, Conservative MP Sajid Javid will put forward a ‘ten minute rule bill’ to attempt to introduce a legal cap on the size of the net national debt. Although the proposal has no...
Philip Booth
20 April 2011

The recently published Green Paper on pensions was widely welcomed. Indeed, it contained some reasonable ideas. However, it also contained a proposal to abolish contracting out of state pensions...
Philip Booth
15 April 2011

In June 2011 an editorial article appeared in the Royal Economic Society newsletter which seemed to sympathise with attacks on what it called ‘deficit fetishism’. Not quite the legions...
Richard Wellings
14 April 2011

Despite the cuts, the coalition Government will raise our national debt by almost £500bn over this Parliament. This is just the official debt. When other liabilities such as pensions are...
Kristian Niemietz
31 March 2011
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In providing a pseudo-rationalisation for last Saturday’s march against mathematics, the Guardian has assembled a video documenting a variety of supposed ‘alternatives’. The ideas...
Steve Davies
6 March 2011
1 comment

A book by Tyler Cowen is certain to be thought provoking and original. His latest work is no exception and has very serious implications for the future of politics and political debate if his...
Ruth Porter
5 January 2011

Today the Prime Minister announced a New Enterprise Allowance to give grants, loans and mentoring to unemployed people trying to start up new businesses. While the focus on the problems facing...
Philip Booth
4 January 2011

It is very clear that the government cannot carry on borrowing at current rates and the coalition’s proposals for reducing government borrowing are prudent. However, today’s VAT rise is...
Kristian Niemietz
3 November 2010
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Foreign observers reading the British press may be forgiven if they expect death squads roaming the streets of London from next April on, expelling the capital’s poor. There has been no...

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