Eamonn Butler
21 April 2010

Not enough people know the name of Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973). I hope my new Primer for the IEA will help change that. Mises brought new life and insights into the Austrian School of economics,...
Mark Littlewood
19 March 2010

A new report from Policy Exchange (strapline: David Cameron’s favourite think tank) has apparently “re-ignited” the “controversial” debate about tobacco...
Richard Wellings
10 March 2010
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In this extract of an interview with John O’Sullivan, F. A. Hayek discusses the Great Depression and the influence of John Maynard Keynes. Professor Hayek explains that he spent a year...
Richard Wellings
30 January 2010

" ●  Gary Becker explains how to increase employment ●  Samuel Gregg discusses Latin America after the Left    ●  JP Floru advocates a market for tigers...
John Blundell
15 January 2010

Six weeks before he died in late April 1946, Keynes was visited by Hayek, who told me the conversation went something like this: HAYEK: What if you are wrong? KEYNES: Don’t worry. If I...
Terry Arthur
12 October 2009

One of the strangest things about this recession is surely the shameless neglect of unemployment figures by the politicos, anxious to tell us that the worst is over. (I am no Cameron fan but at...
Dominique Lazanski
9 October 2009

A few days ago I attended a “Future Trends” conference. As a digital consultant I need to keep on top of what other people think and feel are the trends influencing brands and people online. I was...
G. R. Steele
30 September 2009

A comment from a Woman’s Own interview in 1987 is often repeated, but rarely in context:  ”There is no such thing as society”. Its relevance was made explicit with the...
Kristian Niemietz
28 September 2009

Germany’s federal election yesterday resulted in a stable majority for a "black-yellow" coalition of Conservatives (CDU) and Liberals (FDP). Is this the starting shot of a free-market reform...
James Stanfield
28 August 2009

The issue of tuition fees in higher education is again a hot topic and it is unlikely to be resolved in the near future. This is not because it is unimportant for universities. Instead, for...
Philip Booth
23 July 2009

If you want to get on the front page of the BBC website and all over the news one morning then run an economic forecasting model with all the spurious accuracy and doubtful assumptions about...
Terry Arthur
7 July 2009

In the Daily Telegraph last month, Melissa Kite wrote an amusing article about Gordon Brown’s most recent Tsars – Martha Lane Fox as “champion for digital inclusion” and Sir...
Richard Wellings
16 June 2009

●  Philip Booth argues there is no real concept of a market in the British education system   ●  Gary Becker on Obama’s fatal conceit   ●  Samuel Brittan reviews...
J. R. Shackleton
26 May 2009

In the current febrile, even Jacobin, climate it may seem foolhardy to offer a defence of pay inequality. However, here goes. The classic explanation of how a free labour market allocates people to...
Philip Booth
21 May 2009

A couple of days ago the bogus Consumer Price Index registered a dip to an annual rise of 2.3%. The RPI fell further into negative territory. Perhaps the best measure of inflation, RPIX (the...
Richard Wellings
15 April 2009

The publication of a new edition of A Tiger by the Tail: The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation means that four books by Nobel laureate Friedrich von Hayek can now be downloaded free of charge in pdf...
D. R. Myddelton
7 April 2009

Anatole Kaletsky [The Times, April 6] says the G20 countries are right to borrow and spend even more than they have done already. But he seems to be living in a dream world. First he says this...
Philip Booth
1 April 2009

There is a strange post on Guido’s blog suggesting that even the IEA is advocating quantitative easing (QE). He says that he reached this conclusion after ringing round the “centre-...
Dominique Lazanski
28 March 2009

The government has just announced plans to monitor social networking sites, in the name of “anti-terrorism”. Officials claim that they will not be monitoring or recording the content of...
John Meadowcroft
6 February 2009

In recent months there appears to have been a resurgence of scholarly interest in F. A. Hayek’s classic of political economy, The Road to Serfdom. Academics have been focusing in particular on...