Kristian Niemietz
15 June 2011

Advocates of a denationalisation of healthcare frequently come across the objection that healthcare is not amenable to individual choice. People may be trusted to make sensible decisions when it...
Mark Pennington
11 March 2011

European commentators on US healthcare are often misguided in their description of the American system as a ‘free market’ model – when that system involves significant levels of...
Nick Hayns
22 February 2011

Last night’s really rather depressing Dispatches programme, on Channel 4, ended with a rousing signal to arms, a clarion call from journalist Mark Sparrow for there to be “a patients...
Kristian Niemietz
4 February 2011

One of the most important skills in the political tug-of-war is the ability of those involved in debate to convey the impression that their personal interests are really the interests of...
David Cowan
18 January 2011
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Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill promises the biggest top down reorganisation of the NHS since its inception. This is a consummation of the reforms that have been implemented since...
Philip Booth
17 December 2010

The Government is pressing ahead with another reorganisation of the National Health Service. It is unlikely this reordering of our essentially bureaucrat-driven model will set the world alight....
Kristian Niemietz
3 December 2010
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The coalition has set up a ring-fenced fund, with a budget eventually increasing to £600m, to improve access to cancer drugs. Given the UK’s poor ranking in international studies on...
Kristian Niemietz
30 September 2010

Should the NHS bribe people into leading healthy lives? Should there be cash incentives paid out when people eat less junk food, quit smoking, drink less alcohol etc? In a BBC News Channel debate...
Lucy McDonald
13 August 2010

Plans to introduce a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol in the North-West of England – apparently supported by David Cameron – are deeply misguided. In all markets price-fixing is...
Ben Storrs
10 August 2010

Digital governance has revolutionised the NHS. While progress has been slow and very expensive, underpinning the progress is the ease with which feedback can be gathered and processed into a target.
John Spiers
14 July 2010
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My recent book on health policy, Who Decides Who Decides?, discussed the many ways in which central government does all it can to avoid placing money directly into the hands of the consumer....
Mark Littlewood
6 July 2010

Alcohol consumption is now a major problem in British society. Drunken teenagers are running rampant in our town centres. Accident and emergency wards are chock-a-block with people who have fallen...
Kristian Niemietz
14 May 2010

It is easy to be pessimistic about Britain’s future economic prospects. The Lib-Con coalition agreement contains policies which are troubling. Indeed, there is a danger the...
Mark Littlewood
6 May 2010

The next government of the United Kingdom will have to depart wildly from its manifesto commitments in order to rebuild the nation’s finances. In the closing stages of the election campaign,...
Terry Arthur
20 April 2010
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Many years ago I was in hospital for a minor operation. The tiny ward had room for four but there was only one other occupant; an old man who was very ill. A nurse asked me if I could chat to him to...
Kristian Niemietz
7 December 2009

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), which some label the government’s “drug rationing body”, recently barred an expensive liver cancer drug from being...
Philip Booth
12 November 2009

The government has just announced that nursing will become an all-graduate profession from 2013. I don’t want to go down the route of discussing whether degrees are appropriate for nurses, an...
Kristian Niemietz
20 October 2009

We all know what would happen if the state nationalised all pubs, integrated them into a “National Pub Service”, and decided that beer should be free at the point of use. Even ignoring...
Helen Evans
18 September 2009

The latest figures reveal that 430 people were killed in drink-drive accidents in Britain in 2008. This is a worrying statistic that brings home the risks faced by road users, but it pales into...
Philip Booth
14 August 2009

In the row over Daniel Hannan’s comments on the NHS, David Cameron said: “Millions of people are grateful for the care they have received from the NHS – including my own family.” I suppose...