Kristian Niemietz
2 February 2012
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'And goodbye to one of our lovely Bumblebee health-food shops in north London, finally defeated by another greedy developer who wants to turn it into flats.’ What I appreciate about...
Kristian Niemietz
14 December 2011

Nearly ten years ago, IEA author Mark Pennington argued that British land use planning policies were characterised by public choice problems. Since no single individual’s vote has a...
Mark Pennington
19 September 2011
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Segments of the conservative press in the UK are currently running a concerted campaign against very minor proposals by the coalition government to relax land use regulation, arguing that this will...
Kristian Niemietz
15 September 2011

If George Monbiot had lived during the Irish Potato Famine, he would presumably have developed a ‘Potato Footprint’ index, to show that the hunger of the poor is caused by the excessive...
Peter King
15 June 2009

Ronald Reagan famously stated the perfect response that government should make to any crisis: “Don’t just do something, stand there!” This, it seems to me, is still the best...
Peter King
1 May 2009

A fellow academic recently commented that the phrase “housing for the poor”, which was used in the title of an issue of Economic Affairs I edited in 2008, was, to quote, “...
Peter King
19 January 2009

Should the UK government really be encouraging households to borrow money to buy houses in the current climate? And should it be encouraging banks to lend to them as part of the latest bailout...