Chris Snowdon
2 February 2011

In the preface to their best-selling book The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett compare what they call their ‘discovery’ that ‘more equal societies almost always do...
Mark Pennington
1 February 2011
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The recent Cancun climate change conference attracted much less media attention than last year’s event in Copenhagen. Green activists and some politicians, however, continue to press for...
Kristian Niemietz
30 November 2010

There are lies, damned lies, and, the saying goes, statistics. And then there are statistical claims made by Polly Toynbee. Toynbee embraces the government’s plan to publish figures on the...
Peter King
8 November 2010

Despite the comments yesterday from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the coalition’s decision to introduce a limited form of workfare into the UK benefits system is a huge step forward....
Kristian Niemietz
7 October 2010
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Imagine the IEA issued a publication asserting that material hardship was no longer an issue in the developed world. The least well-off were enjoying such high levels of material comfort that we...
Christopher Snowdon
27 September 2010

He didn’t mention the book by name. He didn’t need to. When Ed Miliband used his first speech as Labour leader to declare that “the gap between rich and poor doesn’t just...
Kristian Niemietz
17 August 2010

If you haven’t read a book that made you laugh out loud on the bus or the Tube in a while, try Christopher Snowdon’s superb release, The Spirit Level Delusion (SLD). But the book...
Kristian Niemietz
25 June 2010

From the moment Frank Field raised doubts about the validity of relative poverty measures, the outrage industry has been up in arms against him. The poverty enquiry which Field will conduct for the...
Philip Booth
28 December 2009

Yesterday I appeared on the Radio 4 Sunday Programme. The programme is available online on the BBC iplayer at until 2 January. It...
Daniel Waxman
27 July 2009

Conventional wisdom has it that inequality between the rich and the poor has grown substantially in recent years, and that this is a trend which should concern all right-thinking people. A timely...
Peter King
22 July 2009

I turned on the Today Programme yesterday morning and my heart sank: the main story was about how “too many” children from wealthy families were going into the professions and that the...