Charles K. Rowley
19 October 2010

Since the end of World War II, top British universities have experienced relative decline in the international league tables. Most especially, the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford have really...
Richard Wellings
14 October 2010

There are over 1,000 quangos in the UK. Today’s news that 192 of them are to be abolished appears to be concrete evidence that the coalition is taking radical action to reduce the role of...
Daniel J. Mitchell
14 October 2010
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This video looks at the budget deficit in the US, but its analysis is also relevant to the UK ahead of next week’s Comprehensive Spending Review.    
Richard Wellings
24 September 2010
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Public sector workers are understandably concerned about the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). Trade union leaders have recently spoken of strikes and civil disobedience against...
Richard Wellings
21 September 2010

Those of us who hope the Liberal Democrats will reject socialism and embrace true liberalism have many reasons to be disappointed by this year’s party conference. Nick Clegg, for example,...
Mark Littlewood
17 September 2010

In these grim dark days of austerity and cuts, the coalition urgently needs to find a compelling political narrative of hope and optimism. David Cameron’s Big Society rhetoric occasionally...
Len Shackleton
14 September 2010

Our over-excitable media are again whipping up concern about a wave of public sector union militancy in the wake of planned cuts. Back in March there was concern about a “ spring of discontent...
Paul Robinson
13 September 2010

A fascinating fact about defence budgets is that no matter what the changes in the strategic situation the proportion of the budget assigned to each of the three armed services hardly changes at all...
Nick Silver
8 September 2010

Earlier this year I published a report estimating British government debt at  £4.8 trillion . However, over the summer the Office for National Statistics (ONS) ...
Mark Littlewood
19 August 2010

The Liberal-Conservative administration deserves to pass its 100 day probation. It hasn’t done much yet, but it has said some of the right things and sounds like it might even get round to...
Ruth Porter
18 August 2010

Sombre sound bites about the scale of the deficit, the need for deep cuts and the opportunity to use this as a time for comprehensive reform deliver huge promise, but the last hundred days provide...
Terry Arthur
14 August 2010

Under the heading “British Film Industry in Peril”, 55 actors signed a letter of protest in The Daily Telegraph at the proposed abolition of the UK Film Council. Their...
James Lawson
11 August 2010

Clint Eastwood is perhaps the icon of macho film stars, and certainly one I would avoid duelling. He is a self-declared libertarian, stating in USA Today, “I like the libertarian view, which...
Richard Wellings
26 July 2010

A single claimant of Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income Support aged 18-24 receives £51.85 a week. This goes up to £65.45 for those aged 25 and over. Tax credit and child benefit...
Richard Wellings
22 July 2010

The dismal economic returns on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link are a stark warning to supporters of a high-speed line to Scotland and the North of England. The total cost of the link, now renamed...
Martin Cassini
14 July 2010

Not all cuts spell pain. The traffic control industry is ripe for reform that could bring massive savings as well as a transformation in road safety, congestion and quality of life. The industry is...
Peter King
13 July 2010

Like most people interested in politics I have been following the financial crisis and the manner in which politicians have tried to deal with it. I quite agree that deep cuts are needed in public...
Dan Osborne
12 July 2010

Should David Cameron worry that restraining public spending will hurt his chances of being re-elected? Recent political history will reassure him. In the 1980s and 1990s countries such as the...
Richard Wellings
7 July 2010
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Today, the Public Sector Pensions Commission - which was established in autumn 2009 by the IEA, the Institute of Directors and other groups - has released its report, Reforming Public...
Kristian Niemietz
29 June 2010

Some of the old video recorders made in the 1980s had an annoying kink: they could not hold the freeze frame mode for long. Shortly after pressing the pause button, they would automatically switch...

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