Steve Davies
6 March 2011
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A book by Tyler Cowen is certain to be thought provoking and original. His latest work is no exception and has very serious implications for the future of politics and political debate if his...
Philip Booth
17 February 2011

The government has realised belatedly that it wants to pursue an agenda for  ' growth '. The problem with this sort of language is that it encourages government...
Philip Booth
7 February 2011
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The three main themes of Nick Clegg's speech on Friday were as follows: 1. We should have investment-led growth and not debt-led growth. 2. We should have growth balanced around the regions...
Daniel Mahoney
3 February 2011

Ed Miliband is taking the line that the coalition is cutting “too far and too fast”. The news that the economy shrank by 0.5% in Q4 of 2010 (zero growth if you factor in the...
Nick Hayns
27 January 2011

It is not easy running a business in this country. You might think I'm making reference to the recession, and, indeed, that is certainly something that has served to heap misery on this nation...
Philip Booth
26 January 2011
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As Mervyn King suggested last night, the prospects for living standards in the near future are grim. Higher economic growth will help and the government should therefore pursue policies that...
Philip Booth
22 October 2010

I must confess to being taken aback by the emphasis in popular comment about the impact of the CSR on the poor. I completely ignored the issue both in my comments on Jeff Randall’s show and in...
Richard Wellings
20 October 2010

Amid all the discussion of ‘severe cuts’, perhaps the most important fact to come out of today’s Comprehensive Spending Review is that total government spending in real terms...
Tim Congdon
5 August 2010
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The central constraint on economic recovery in the leading economies since mid-2009 has been officialdom’s pressure on banks to raise their capital/asset ratios. Also relevant – but to a...
Daniel J. Mitchell
5 July 2010

Philip Booth
15 June 2010

Much was made in the media of the Office for Budget Responsibility’s suggested reduction in the assumed long-term trend growth rate of the economy. It would appear from the analysis that there...
Tim Congdon
26 May 2010

In the 15 years to 2007, the British economy had on average faster growth (by about 0.5% to 0.75% a year) than its large European neighbours. A similarly benign context of rising trend output and...

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