Christopher Snowdon
23 April 2015

Income inequality is usually measured by the Gini coefficient. The Gini goes from 0 to 100, with 0 representing total equality (everybody having exactly the same income) and 100 representing total...
Fernando Herrera-González
24 March 2015

Economic theory is the science which tries to explain economic phenomena. Just as Newton observed an apple falling from a tree and started searching for an explanation to the phenomenon, which...
John Burton
23 March 2015
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The question of whether the BBC is institutionally biased to the left and/or anti-capitalism (not necessarily quite the same) might provoke, in some quarters, the counter-query ‘Is the Pope a...
Ryan Bourne
10 March 2015
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The battle for the soul of the Conservative party post-election has already begun. This week, commentator and conservative activist Tim Montgomerie will officially launch his new agenda –...
David Henderson
6 March 2015
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In two previous posts, I criticised a number of recent commentators in the Financial Times (FT) for routinely quoting figures that were much too low for the GDP of poorer countries. I made the point...
Ryan Bourne
4 March 2015

BBC director-general Lord Hall must have thought all his Christmases had come at once. For years, the corporation has been on the defensive about the future of the TV licence fee. Campaigners had...
D.R. Myddelton
2 March 2015

Most people in this country have probably never heard of The Forgotten Depression, the title of a new book by James Grant. Unlike the Great Depression which started in 1929 and lasted until 1941 (in...
David Henderson
26 February 2015
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Better days at the FT In an earlier piece (7 January), I criticised staffers at the Financial Times (FT) for persistently quoting misleading figures for the GDP of a range of developing countries. In...
Steve Davies
25 February 2015

One of the recurring features of what we may call ‘popular economics’ in this country is the hostility to ticket touts. For most of the public they rank close to the bottom of social...
Philip Booth
19 February 2015
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In response to an article for The Tablet on Oxfam’s wealth inequality figures, Mr Fuentes-Nieva, Head of Research at Oxfam, makes some counterpoints in a letter to The Tablet (also repeated in...
Philip Booth and Ryan Bourne
9 February 2015
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In a recent CapX article, Tim Montgomerie sought to outline ‘10 things that capitalism needs but cannot provide’. There was much to agree with in his article, but we are puzzled by his...
Anthony J. Evans
4 February 2015

In a recent article in the Financial Times, Tim Harford retells a classic source of argument amongst economists: ‘Imagine that you have a free ticket (which you cannot resell) to see Radiohead...
Mikko Arevuo
22 January 2015

Ever since James Watt was awarded a patent for the improvements he made to the Newcomen steam engine in January 1769, economists and libertarians have been divided over intellectual property rights (...
Ryan Bourne
13 January 2015

A lie, repeated often, becomes the truth in the public mind. That’s why, when a Fox News commentator suggests that Birmingham is a “Muslim-only city”, we feel it important to set...
David Henderson
7 January 2015

The Financial Times has long been a continuing source of misleading statements about the relative size of the economies of different countries, as given by their real GDP - i.e. their output of goods...
Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne
5 January 2015

Many associate markets with self-interest and greed whilst associating politics with other-regarding, publicly-interested behaviour. Perhaps nowhere is this view more prevalent than in the speeches...
Christopher Snowdon
23 December 2014

In my new IEA monograph Selfishness, Greed and Capitalism, I discuss some of the most common straw men and myths about free-market capitalism. Some ideological disputes cannot be settled by evidence...
Kristian Niemietz
22 December 2014
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The 2004 film Saw was a fine horror movie, which immediately became a minor genre classic. In an ideal world, the makers of the movie would have left it there, and moved on to something else....
Ryan Bourne
20 December 2014

No, I haven’t morphed into the Grinch. But given I work for an economics think-tank, this subject inevitably led to some heated debate among our colleagues at the staff Christmas party earlier...
Steven Kates
17 November 2014

In my view, Say’s Law may be the single most important principle in economics. But it is a principle that was deliberately eliminated from within mainstream economic theory by John Maynard...