Kristian Niemietz
31 October 2011

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) has earned itself a reputation as the sworn enemy of economic growth and consumption. In blending neo-Malthusian resource alarmism with relentless nagging about...
Philip Booth
26 October 2011

Since fox-hunting became illegal, banker bashing has become a new blood sport. Not only is the typical banker portrayed as being greedy, much of what he produces is said to be ‘socially...
Steve Davies
25 October 2011

Economists notoriously disagree about many things. Trade policy however is an exception. Famously, this is an area of agreement on both theoretical analysis and policy prescription. Such near...
Mark Littlewood
21 October 2011

  A year has now passed since the government published the results of its Comprehensive Spending Review. Brazenly, Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has marked the...
Mark Pennington
19 October 2011

Amartya Sen is a great economist and social philosopher whose willingness to recognise a central role for market institutions in securing economic development and individual freedom shows...
Kristian Niemietz
18 October 2011

Successful political movements emerge when people with diverging aims can be persuaded that they are really on the same side, that their aims are just different aspects of the same broader cause....
Nick Silver
10 October 2011

  The Treasury has recently published Whole of Government Accounts (WGAs), which for the first time include an estimate of the UK’s actual debt, including pension liabilities. Firstly...
Philip Booth
16 September 2011

Guido Fawkes reported recently that Polly Toynbee told the Edinburgh Book Show that left-wing people were both more intelligent and generally better people than others. Presumably by this...
Peter King
5 September 2011
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  One of the arguments used by the pro-AV campaign in the early spring was that a positive vote to change the electoral system would signal that there was a progressive majority in the...
Terry Arthur
31 August 2011

‘The fundamental principles of mercantilism and neo-mercantilism are: direction of economic life by the authorities; the belief that money is wealth; exports are better than imports (thus...
G. R. Steele
24 August 2011

Lord Robert Skidelsky is unlikely to have understood the anecdote in his opening remarks in the LSE Hayek/Keynes debate. He related that, after addressing an audience of Cambridge economists in...
Tom Papworth
22 August 2011

The IEA has recently published articles by Mark Pennington on the subject of Ha Joon Chang’s 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism. As Pennington addresses each of his...
G. R. Steele
18 August 2011

Keynes gave little thought to generalities. He acknowledged that his prescriptions were limited to the special circumstances of the 1930s. With Bolshevism in mind, any fiscal deficit spending was...
Mark Pennington
17 August 2011

In this third and final of the series on Ha Joon Chang’s critique of ‘free market economics’ I examine his account of ‘bounded rationality’ and the case for greater...
Len Shackleton
15 August 2011

In many ways it is too early to draw conclusions for public policy from the riots which the country has experienced in the last week or so. But this does not seem to have deterred our ever-active...
Keith Boyfield and Brian Sturgess
11 August 2011
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Most voters would never have heard of the Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS). However, the BIS performs a crucial role as the central banks' banker. In establishing rules on...
Philip Booth
10 August 2011

Politicians cannot stop trying to design the economy. In this respect they have a hugely over-inflated sense of their own abilities. Gordon Brown, of course, was an impulsive meddler – he...
Kristian Niemietz
5 August 2011

Objections to large material inequalities are probably as old as mankind itself. In numerous ancient legends and folk tales, the downfall of a key character is related to possessions and greed. So...
Jamie Whyte
4 August 2011

Jamie Whyte is the Head of Research and Publications at Oliver Wyman, a strategy consulting firm specialising in the financial services industry. This is his opening statement from the Keynes vs...
Mark Pennington
3 August 2011

My first post on 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism addressed Ha Joon Chang’s dubious debating tactics when discussing ‘free market economics’. I turn now to...