Kristian Niemietz
23 May 2012

The rate for travel insurance depends critically on where we go and what we do there. A hiking tour through the Amazon rainforest comes at a higher premium than a stay at a health spa at Lake...
Juan Ramón Rallo
22 May 2012

It is not austerity but the threat of insolvency that is killing peripheral economies such as Spain. Since it has become clear that the European Union is not willing to completely mutualise risks...
Terry Arthur
21 May 2012
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It is heartening to know that the huge outcry concerning George Osborne’s proposal to reduce tax-relief on charitable giving has been followed by a few brave (and valid) counter-arguments....
Philip Booth
18 May 2012
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Working out who exactly owes what to whom in the eurozone is an increasingly difficult job. Money is pouring out of Greece and now, it would appear, Spain at a rapid rate. €700m apparently...
Philip Booth
16 May 2012

  It might be thought that a succession of ‘tax cutting’ governments from 1979 and a government pledged to reduce inequality from 1997 would have led to a huge increase in the...
Stephen Michael MacLean
15 May 2012

Surveying the political field following the local elections - where Labour made gains at the expense of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats  - Ed West confesses gloomily that ‘Being...
Kristian Niemietz
14 May 2012

There are lots of good arguments against positive discrimination, be it through female quotas for company boards, quota systems in political institutions, affirmative action or otherwise. For a...
Philip Booth
11 May 2012
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In my last blog post, I looked at Archbishop Williams’ use of legal organ sales as an example of the degeneracy of the market economy. The fact that organ sales are not legal is a detail that...
Philip Booth
10 May 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s latest foray into the world of political economy does him even less credit than his previous attempts. He is an intelligent man, but capable of arguments...
Chris Snowdon
9 May 2012

On 23 January 1912, representatives from twelve nations signed the International Opium Convention, which contracted them to ‘use their best endeavours to control, or to cause to be controlled...
Len Shackleton
8 May 2012

I am looking forward to the Olympics as I’m sure you are. But I’m also sure I’m not alone in wondering quite why we have needed to spend £9.3 billion (the Public Accounts...
Kristian Niemietz
4 May 2012

The ‘prevailing orthodoxy’ (or ‘the zeitgeist’) is much like a rainbow: wherever you happen to stand, it always seems to be somewhere else. The term would never be used in...
Eamonn Butler
3 May 2012
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It’s election time again in the UK, where the local elections – in particular the high-profile contest for Mayor of London – are a laboratory example of all the shortcomings of...
Sam Collins
2 May 2012
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House of Lords reform has become a hot button issue that risks widening divisions within the coalition. On one side we have the Liberal Democrats, who historically have considered it their raison d...
Philip Booth
30 April 2012

A brief pamphlet has recently been published by Civitas, written by John Mills – ‘A Price that Matters’. This pamphlet makes the case that the UK should have an explicit...
Len Shackleton
27 April 2012

Age discrimination is one of the fastest-growing categories of Employment Tribunal claim. In the last full year for which figures are available, there were 6800 claims, as against only 5200 the...
Richard Wellings
26 April 2012

  Mancur Olson is best known for his 1965 book, The Logic of Collective Action, in which he explained why small, concentrated interest groups are more likely to influence policy than large,...
Mike Buchanan
24 April 2012

It is frequently and confidently asserted (and inferred) by proponents of ‘improved’ gender diversity in the boardroom – henceforth ‘GDITB’ – that there exists a...
Vuk Vukovic
23 April 2012

Last month saw the first eurozone default. Greece defaulted on its debt, but this event, contrary to popular belief in the final quarter of 2011, did not cause an abrupt panic. It did not force...
Kristian Niemietz
20 April 2012

I have received quite a bit of feedback for my recent paper, ‘Abundance of land, shortage of housing’, and would like to respond to those comments that were both critical and thoughtful...