Philip Booth
20 March 2012
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The government's decision to nationalise the assets of the Royal Mail pension fund while taking on all future liabilities is another example of accounting sleight-of-hand by an administration...
Gurpreet Hayre
19 March 2012

  Whilst western economies have recently been experiencing recession and stagnation, many countries in Asia have enjoyed rapid economic growth, which has been sustained over several...
Patricia Morgan
16 March 2012
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  What’s in a name? A hopeless factual and logical muddle. Call something a ‘benefit’ and who is it for? The ‘needy’, of course. Anyone else getting it?...
Kristian Niemietz
14 March 2012

  Suppose a government institution regularly orders its office stationery from a company which caters specifically to public sector clients. Suppose inquisitive journalists find out that...
Philip Booth
13 March 2012

  The country has recently been asked to celebrate the beginning of “Fairtrade Fortnight”. Fairtrade is a private certification scheme that, according to the Fairtrade Foundation...
D. R. Myddelton
12 March 2012

  John Campbell’s biography of Margaret Thatcher refers to her taking a well-worn copy of Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty from her handbag and telling a seminar at the Centre for...
Steven Kates
9 March 2012

There was a passage in the Wall Street Journal’s Notable & Quotable column the other day from an essay written by John Stuart Mill in 1844, which I suppose was included...
Philip Booth
8 March 2012

  The government is to be applauded for its attempts to get the medium-term public finances under control. However, its enthusiasm to do so is leading, increasingly often, to decisions that...
Kristian Niemietz
7 March 2012

    In a weird way, I used to enjoy George Monbiot’s columns in The Guardian. There were not many authors who could evoke that mixture of bewilderment, disbelief, amusement and...
Ruth Porter
6 March 2012

  The very language of cuts has been markedly austere and depressing. It is now well established that the reductions the government will make to overall spending are actually tiny. Carving...
Dalibor Rohac
5 March 2012

During an interview on the BBC last week, at the start of ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’, I made a number of arguments against ‘fairtrade’. This produced a response from Barbara...
Matthew Sinclair
2 March 2012

The satirical website the Daily Mash has revealed shock news: ‘Greedy people have more stuff, say experts’. They were reporting on an actual study at the University of...
Christopher Snowdon
1 March 2012
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The early findings of the Office for National Statistics’ much-discussed survey of national well-being have confirmed what anybody who is familiar with the field of ‘happiness...
Tim Congdon
29 February 2012

Free market capitalism is the best system of economic organisation ever devised. The 20th century demonstrated that it is consistent with both material prosperity and personal freedom. However, the...
James Croft and Relve Spread
28 February 2012

As part of its on-going enquiry into the administration of 15-19 examinations in England, the Education Select Committee took evidence in January on the strengths and weaknesses of the English...
Philip Booth
27 February 2012

Tim Montgomerie has been a leading advocate of a move from income to wealth taxes in recent months. In a recent article in The Times he dismissed what he described as fallacies about wealth taxes....
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
24 February 2012

Yesterday, in a panel discussion at Policy Exchange – coinciding with their release of a report advocating ‘social enterprise’ schools, which would be forced to reinvest 50% of...
Len Shackleton
22 February 2012

The appointment of Professor Les Ebdon to lead OFFA, the Office of Fair Access, has been met with concern both from politicians – the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee rejected...
Philip Booth
20 February 2012

Recent US growth figures seem to have re-energised naive Keynesians who, lacking any real evidence or credible prior theory for their case, leap upon anything that can justify policies that involve...
Kristian Niemietz
17 February 2012

Economists often try to explain that the cost of a tax is not simply the sum of money we hand over to the exchequer. Almost all taxes cause distortions by interfering with our behaviour, and...