Diego Zuluaga
1 March 2016

As the debate on British membership of the European Union gathers steam, the Eurozone is getting a fair amount of bashing from Brexiteers. This is of course to be expected. Monetary union was sold by...
Philip Booth and Diego Zuluaga
29 February 2016

The subsidiary principle is a well-established notion in Catholic social teaching. It was also intended to be a core principle of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty. Subsidiarity is commonly taken to mean...
Corey Iacono
26 February 2016

Bernie Sanders has single-handedly brought the term “democratic socialism” into the contemporary American political lexicon and shaken millions of Millennials out of their apathy towards...
Len Shackleton
25 February 2016
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David Cameron has apparently rejected the proposal for a sugar tax, and is instead to use the threat of intervention to pressure food and drink companies into ‘voluntarily’ reformulating...
Ryan Bourne
24 February 2016

Recently, I was asked by a journalist to outline why I was opposed to the introduction of the National Living Wage. Here was my answer. The National Living Wage (NLW) is a huge policy change –...
Diego Zuluaga and Ryan Bourne
23 February 2016

One of the most harmful misunderstandings in current economic debates is that the job of competition authorities is to protect incumbent businesses rather than consumers. We see this fallacious...
Kristian Niemietz
22 February 2016
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The US TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ is about a middle-aged high school teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with lung cancer, and who is unable to afford the treatment his doctor...
Christopher Snowdon
19 February 2016

Having written several reports about state-funded activism for the Institute of Economic Affairs, it's pleasing to see the government acting on one of our recommendations. Two weeks ago, Matthew...
Kevin Currie-Knight and Steven Horwitz
18 February 2016

“College students are not customers. That analogy needs to die. It needs to be drowned in the world’s largest bathtub. It needs a George R.R. Martin–esque bloodbath of a...
Len Shackleton
17 February 2016

The ticket price row at Liverpool is only the latest squabble about the cost of attending football matches. The new £5bn-plus TV deal guaranteeing Premier League teams huge increases...
Diego Zuluaga
16 February 2016

One of the main objectives of post-crisis financial regulation has been the severing of the nexus between large banks and national sovereigns, such that private losses do not lead to taxpayer...
Daran Sarma
15 February 2016

David Ricardo termed unearned income from land as a pernicious anomaly: “that portion of the produce of the earth which is paid to the landlord for the use of the original and indestructible...
James Knight
12 February 2016

Regular readers of economics will know that despite common myths to the contrary, the reality is there isn't much of an unfair pay gap between genders. As the economy has become more service-...
Laura Llewellyn-Jones
11 February 2016

This article compares the impact of Mobile Money on Kenya, the largest economy in East Africa, with its impact on Nigeria, the largest economy in West Africa (and Africa as a whole). We see very...
Ryan Murphy
10 February 2016

One of capitalism’s supposed many flaws is the pointlessness and wastefulness of so much of the spending by the rich. Not only do many people believe that the resources devoted to building...
Len Shackleton
9 February 2016

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills launched an enquiry into self-employment last July under entrepreneur Julie Deane: it is expected to report shortly. Self-employment jobs have grown...
Jonathan Portes
8 February 2016

The essence of the economic case for migration is very simple: it is the same as the case for markets in general. If people take decisions on the basis of their own economic self-interest, this will...
Michael Munger
5 February 2016

There have been two enormous "revolutions" in human history. The first was the Neolithic, or the wide scale switch from a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle to fixed agriculture. The second...
Philip Booth
4 February 2016

Before the financial crash of 2008, it was common for Conservatives to say: “the 1980s was when we put the economy right; now we have to maximise ‘national wellbeing’, reduce carbon...
Greta Gietz
2 February 2016

With the migrant crisis preoccupying Europe’s media and public debates, France’s “economic and social emergency” is easily forgotten. France reported a 10.6% unemployment rate...