Mark Pennington
1 February 2011
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The recent Cancun climate change conference attracted much less media attention than last year’s event in Copenhagen. Green activists and some politicians, however, continue to press for...
David Campbell
24 January 2011

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is the ‘flexible mechanism’ set up under the Kyoto Protocol to, in effect, subsidise the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in developing...
David Campbell
6 January 2011

After the failure even to reach an agreement through proper UN negotiating procedures at Copenhagen, expectations for the Cancun conference were so managed down that merely producing the ‘...
Oliver Knipping
4 January 2011

Every year the same thing happens... We all look forward to the upcoming festive season with our families, or even to a well-deserved Christmas break. The festive mood may evaporate rather quickly,...
David Campbell
13 December 2010

The claim that the Copenhagen climate change conference was not a total failure, which still enjoys currency in public debate about the Cancun conference, usually makes approving reference to the...
David Campbell
1 December 2010

Nothing could be more different from the atmosphere of the Copenhagen climate change conference than the atmosphere in which the Cancun conference is being conducted. Last year’s hope of...
Richard Wellings
22 July 2010

The dismal economic returns on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link are a stark warning to supporters of a high-speed line to Scotland and the North of England. The total cost of the link, now renamed...
Philip Booth
20 July 2010

Simon Heffer made an interesting point in Saturday’s Telegraph about Dartford Tunnel tolls. He suggested that the main cause of congestion on the M25 near the tunnel and bridge was the...
Martin Cassini
14 July 2010

Not all cuts spell pain. The traffic control industry is ripe for reform that could bring massive savings as well as a transformation in road safety, congestion and quality of life. The industry is...
Richard D. North
21 June 2010

Here are three propositions which may be true of BP and the fatal Macondo blow out and oil spill. I hope they are and anyway they suggest that at this moment we know little about what BP did and...
Eric Masaba
16 April 2010

Concorde could fly you to New York and back faster than a speeding bullet – with a glass of champagne and bragging rights to boot – for 83p per mile (about £1 per mile adjusted for...
Philip Booth
26 March 2010

Anthony Hilton was certainly right to call my comment about the government’s proposed green investment bank “waspish” in the Evening Standard yesterday. He also suggested that it...
Richard Wellings
13 January 2010

Around 235 million passengers passed through Britain’s airports in 2009. Most of those – both arriving and departing – will have experienced significant delays due to security...
Richard Wellings
7 January 2010

The current cold snap has led to widespread disruption on Britain’s roads. Much of the network has been left untreated as local authorities have struggled to cope and many routes have been...
Len Shackleton
6 January 2010

British households have received more than 180 million free or subsidised light bulbs in the last eighteen months from energy companies. Many if not most of these are lying idle, as the government...
Richard Wellings
1 December 2009

Faced with ambitious climate change targets, the government has decided that nuclear power will play a leading role in supplying the UK’s future electricity needs. Ten new plants will be built...
S. Fred Singer
25 November 2009

The Climategate disclosures over the past few days, consisting of some thousand of emails between a small group of British and US climate scientists, suggest that global warming may...
Kristian Niemietz
13 November 2009

The metaphor of ‘tearing down the Berlin Wall’ has come to be used in a quite inflationary way, and this phenomenon usually peaks around the 9th of November. At this time of the year,...
Mike Norton-Griffiths
11 November 2009

My research in Kenya provides disturbing evidence of how foreign NGOs (non-governmental organisations) leverage their financial strength and access to the establishment to insert their single issue...
Philip Booth
19 October 2009

Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson, the winners of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics, have much to contribute to contemporary economic debate. But their ideas should have particular resonance in...