Steve Watt
17 December 2013

Youth unemployment and long-term unemployment have increased dramatically in the UK since the introduction of the minimum wage. However, things could be worse. In France, on top of the minimum wage...
Kristian Niemietz
10 December 2013

The pre-Christmas period has begun, and with it, the hunt for Christmas presents. Do you find this irritating? Yes, you do. Trust Michael Sandel, the author of What Money Can't Buy: The Moral...
Vlad Tarko
8 December 2013

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, confidence in the long-term viability of Western-style capitalism seems to have plummeted. While opinions widely diverge about proposed solutions,...
G. R. Steele
4 December 2013

Keynesian demand management endures with the regular adjustment of short-term interest rates and the lowering of long-term interest rates, once short-term interest rates have been driven to their...
Daniel J. D'Amico
1 December 2013

The title and cover art for Peter Boettke's latest book Living Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are no doubt symbolic of economic theory as a field of study, and also the history of...
Philip Booth
28 November 2013

In recent weeks, there has been much fuss created by a group of students – supported it would seem by the Guardian and by people such as Ha-Joon Chang – who are complaining about their...
Eamonn Butler
25 November 2013

My new IEA monograph Foundations of a Free Society outlines – in simple language – the core principles by which free societies work. It was intended for people who definitely do not live...
Philip Booth
13 November 2013

In a recent poll, there was strong support for the renationalisation of both the railways and the energy industry. In both cases, renationalisation would be a strange step back into the dark ages of...
Stephen Michael MacLean
8 November 2013
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Telegraph blogger Tom Chivers has no qualms that ‘the three “mainstream” parties... are all essentially the same.’ As he writes, ‘The mainstream parties have...
Len Shackleton
3 October 2013

I started studying economics fifty years ago last month, unbelievably (OK, I was a precocious child). Over the decades I have had many doubts about my chosen discipline. Were its prescriptions too...
Philip Booth
26 September 2013

On Sunday, Pope Francis made unprepared remarks in Sardinia, a part of Italy that has been especially badly hit by the economic crisis. Specifically, he said: ‘We don’t want this...
Mark Littlewood
5 September 2013

Ronald Coase, who has died aged 102, won the Nobel prize for economic sciences in 1991 for his work in discovering and clarifying the importance of transaction costs in the functioning of the economy...
Kristian Niemietz
12 August 2013

The UK now has one of the fastest-growing populations in Europe, according to a new report by the Office for National Statistics. In just one year, the population grew by over 400,000 people (to a...
David S. D'Amato
19 July 2013

Writing in The Guardian, Jesse Norman opined that recent weeks have ‘revealed a sea change in the whole nature of British politics.’ Norman says that Fabianism is forever dead in the...
John Burton
5 July 2013
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During a briefing on 5 November 2008 - conducted with big wall-chart graphs - about the ongoing financial ‘crunch’, the Queen dropped a (bombshell) question on the assembled throng of...
J. R. Sargent
20 June 2013

There was a time when it was normal for the productivity of labour in the UK to be rising year by year, and for money wages increases to reflect this by forging ahead of price increases. The last...
Christopher Snowdon
19 June 2013
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Earlier this year, the Work Foundation published a study of inequality in Britain that threw up some uncomfortable findings for those who believe that income differentials are the root of all evil...
Steve Davies
13 June 2013

Liberalism as a political doctrine has had an enormous amount written about it over the years, mainly by philosophers. Surprisingly, historians, and particularly historians of thought, have had...
John Blundell
1 June 2013

‘Behind every great man there is a great woman’ has to be close to being the most hackneyed expression in the English language, but in the case of Milton Friedman one has to give really...
Steven Kates
25 April 2013

I was given a copy of John Kenneth Galbraith's 1975 treatise which goes by the name of Money: Whence it Came, Where it Went. And there on pages 218-19 we find this: ‘Until Keynes, Say...