Philip Booth
14 November 2008

In each of the last two weeks the IEA has hosted panel discussions in front of packed houses. Last week the topic was public sector pensions and this week it was the Third Heathrow Runway....
Richard Wellings
9 October 2008

The British government unwisely entered the current slowdown with a sizeable budget deficit. Recent bank bailouts are likely to push the national accounts further into the red and increased...
Richard Wellings
30 September 2008

Environmental scares have a long history. At the end of the 18th century, Thomas Malthus predicted that rapid population growth would lead to war, pestilence and famine. Almost 200 years later, the...
John Meadowcroft
25 September 2008

The Guardian’s environment editor, John Vidal, cannot resist a swipe at the IEA’s latest publication, Climate Change Policy: Challenging the Activists. Vidal doesn’t address any of...
Gabriel Roth
12 September 2008

Britain’s transport policy “Railways good, roads bad” is not sustainable, and proves once again that transport is too important to be left to the vicissitudes of politics. The time...
Kristian Niemietz
10 September 2008

The aerial photograph on the company’s website shows a small residential area located on a riverbank, surrounded by trees and pastures. But the idyllic impression is deceptive. This estate has...

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