Steven Kates
14 June 2011

After writing ‘you cannot make an economy grow through public spending’ I received this touching statement of Keynesian faith in response: ‘In terms of a contribution to GDP...
Philip Booth
13 June 2011

In his recent New Statesman editorial, Archbishop Rowan Williams criticised the re-emergence of the seductive language of the deserving and underserving poor. The job of a Bishop is to...
G. R. Steele
12 June 2011

The decision to abandon nuclear power will increase Germany’s short-term dependency upon fossil fuel as it engages with long-term aspirations for politically correct (PC) alternatives. In...
Len Shackleton
10 June 2011
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One of the Coalition’s headline educational initiatives has been the introduction of the Pupil Premium, additional funding to schools for each ‘deprived’ child (the Department for...
Philip Booth
9 June 2011

Benedict Brogan asks what David Cameron should do about Archbishop Rowan Williams' full frontal attack on health, education and welfare reform. He suggests that he should consider the PR perils...
Steve Davies
8 June 2011
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A report recently published by Oxfam received a huge amount of attention. The report argued that world food prices will double over the next thirty years and that the only solution is ‘...
Mark Littlewood
7 June 2011

The Chancellor is right to stick to his guns on deficit reduction. The dividing line in the debate is between those who believe that spending more on the bloated public sector would assist with the...
Mark Pennington
6 June 2011

I haven’t been able to post for the last week or so owing to my lecturing on the Institute for Humane Studies Liberty and Society Summer Seminars (i’m currently between seminars). Last...
Philip Booth
3 June 2011
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One has to be very alarmed that the Chairman of the Defra Select Committee – Conservative MP Ann McIntosh – is arguing that fishing quotas should not be traded as an economic commodity...
Tom Papworth
2 June 2011

Over at the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman is discussing the minimum wage again. However, as is always the case in minimum wage arguments, supporters of a legal price floor are quick to...
Kristian Niemietz
1 June 2011
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‘Generation Rent’ seems to be the media catchphrase of the day, and this should come as no surprise. Over the past fifteen years, house prices have risen so sharply that despite the...
David Cowan
31 May 2011

Local government is arguably one of the fundamental institutions of a free society. It ensures that local people have a significant degree of control over how the state acts in their community. Yet...
James Stanfield
26 May 2011

The current controversy surrounding independent schools and their charitable status is becoming increasingly absurd. First, the public benefit test is a pointless exercise because it should be...
Kristian Niemietz
25 May 2011

It is not exactly a secret that obtaining planning permission for building new homes is notoriously difficult in Britain. An unholy mix of vested interests, pastoral romanticism, and myths about...
Richard Wellings
24 May 2011

The recent history of Britain’s railways has undoubtedly brought the whole concept of privatisation into disrepute. But this is unfair. Rail privatisation was a pastiche of genuine...
Mark Pennington
23 May 2011

I am a Libertarian. I believe that market processes based on secure property rights and competitive ‘exit’ provide the best hope of discovering ‘solutions’ to the vast...
Julian Morris
20 May 2011
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The UK government currently faces an unprecedented budget crisis. If it fails to curb government spending, the national debt will spiral upwards, imposing an unbearable burden on future taxpayers,...
Len Shackleton
19 May 2011

I take no pleasure at all in reading about M. Strauss-Kahn, and of course remain agnostic about the truth of the lurid allegations against him. However I have a couple of observations which are...
Mark Pennington
18 May 2011
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In this final round of the H versus H contest I want to question the claim that communication in markets is ‘distorted’ by ‘money power’. According to this Habermasian...
Philip Booth
17 May 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a walk in Ashdown Forest. I followed the instructions perfectly and everything seemed consistent with the map. However, clearly something was wrong and, instead of...