Philip Booth
1 November 2011
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In the midst of a eurozone sovereign debt crisis - caused largely by government profligacy - it is not surprising, but it is regrettable, that the German Finance Minister should call for more...
Philip Booth
20 October 2011

The corporate tax systems of developed countries are a labyrinthine mess that often leads to double or even triple taxation of investors. Companies can pay corporation tax on their profits; if the...
Philip Booth
11 October 2011

  Over the last few weeks, most economists have been trying to work out how we can deal with the crisis in the eurozone. Will the banks go bust if there is a sovereign default?...
Mark Littlewood
19 September 2011

The Liberal Democrat leadership is in danger of committing a cardinal sin at their party conference in Birmingham. They are addressing their messages to delegates in the conference hall, rather...
Mark Littlewood
26 August 2011
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The Taxpayers’ Alliance has released some interesting research coming out of its 2020 Tax Commission. HMRC is simply failing to collect tax revenues – to the tune of about £25...
Patrick Minford
20 July 2011

Traditionally the economic discussion of tax structure and public spending has looked at the impact on the economy’s efficiency in using resources. However recently there has been increasing...
Nick Hayns
12 July 2011

‘Support for UK cuts plummets’ screams a hyperbolic headline in today’s Financial Times. It relates to a poll carried out by the FT and Harris. Let us put aside the question as to...
Philip Booth
10 July 2011
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The coalition government is short of policies that the free-market movement around the world might point to in generations to come as being of some importance in rolling back the state. Radicalism...
Mark Littlewood
6 July 2011
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Next week, Conservative MP Sajid Javid will put forward a ‘ten minute rule bill’ to attempt to introduce a legal cap on the size of the net national debt. Although the proposal has no...
G. R. Steele
22 June 2011

The condemnation of benefit fraud and tax avoidance obscures a difference. Benefit cheats make fraudulent claims upon the earnings of others. Tax avoiders use legitimate means to retain their own...
David Cowan
31 May 2011

Local government is arguably one of the fundamental institutions of a free society. It ensures that local people have a significant degree of control over how the state acts in their community. Yet...
Nick Silver
26 April 2011

A couple of years ago, in an IEA paper, I suggested that the UK’s public debt was many times larger than the official figure. Following the financial crisis, I recalculated my estimate ...
Philip Booth
24 March 2011

The opening and closing remarks of George Osborne’s budget speech did not bode well. He talked about: “a budget for making things”; he wanted a budget that supported manufacturing...
Richard Wellings
23 March 2011
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In this year’s Budget, George Osborne had the opportunity to bolster economic recovery by removing barriers to growth. Alongside some welcome proposals, he unfortunately also...
Nick Hayns
21 March 2011

You may have heard of UK Uncut? They’re certainly good at attracting attention: forcing their way into Barclay’s bank the other week and managing to close a branch of TopShop...
Tim Congdon
19 March 2011

UK officialdom appears to believe that if the City of London’s international financial services left the UK it would not matter much to the economy. This is undoubtedly part of the...
Tim Worstall
18 March 2011

Isn't it exciting that we have the youth of the nation demonstrating in the streets about how awfully people abuse the tax system? And isn't about time that we pointed out to the youth of...
David B. Smith
16 March 2011

With total non-oil taxes equivalent to more than 78% of residual private-sector GDP measured at factor cost once government spending has been subtracted, the British economy is probably now on the...
Philip Booth
3 March 2011

This week, Pensions Minister Steve Webb MP described the views of the authors of Sharing the burden - How the older generation should suffer its share of the cuts as “loathsome”. It...
Len Shackleton
11 February 2011

UK Uncut is a pressure group which has achieved prominence recently by publicising allegations of tax avoidance by firms such as Topshop, Vodafone, Tesco and Boots. Its visibility has been enhanced...