Nima Sanandaji
28 August 2012

  Sweden and other Nordic nations are often regarded as role models whose policies should be copied by others. The reason is simply that these countries are characterised by good social...
Tom Papworth
24 August 2012
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George Monbiot has set out his cartoonish manifesto on the Guardian website. He paints a picture of ‘what the world will look like after capitalism’, beginning with this very helpful...
Philip Booth
31 July 2012

When I was at university, the vast majority of liberal-thinking people were in the Federation of Conservative Students – an organisation that was shut down by Norman Tebbit for being too...
Steven Horwitz
25 July 2012
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Many believe that the housing boom and Great Recession were the result of human greed and the supposed deregulation of financial markets, both of which thereby demonstrate the failure of free...
Forrest Caple
16 July 2012

  Anna Schwartz, who was made an Honorary Fellow of the IEA in 1997, was born in New York City on 11 November 1915. She died on 21 June 2012 at the age of 96 in New York City, where she...
Stephen Michael MacLean
15 May 2012

Surveying the political field following the local elections - where Labour made gains at the expense of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats  - Ed West confesses gloomily that ‘Being...
Eamonn Butler
3 May 2012
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It’s election time again in the UK, where the local elections – in particular the high-profile contest for Mayor of London – are a laboratory example of all the shortcomings of...
Sam Collins
2 May 2012
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House of Lords reform has become a hot button issue that risks widening divisions within the coalition. On one side we have the Liberal Democrats, who historically have considered it their raison d...
Philip Booth
13 April 2012

  Last month, the IEA co-published Lost Causes by Deepak Lal. The book can be bought from the IEA here. It was interesting to see, in the wake of the 2012 budget, various think tanks and...
Stephen Michael MacLean
12 April 2012

Britons attentive to political affairs in Canada will be aware of its latest political scandal: allegations abound of electioneering shenanigans involving annoying telephone calls in the late of...
Steve Davies
30 March 2012

When I heard in 2009 that Elinor Ostrom had won the Nobel Prize for Economics I was delighted and thought it one of the best pieces of news that year, if not the best. My feelings were shared by...
Eamonn Butler
26 March 2012

Politicians are always exhorting us to take more interest in our community, in the government of our country, and the ongoing debates about schools or hospitals or roads. But few of us do. Politics...
Patricia Morgan
16 March 2012
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  What’s in a name? A hopeless factual and logical muddle. Call something a ‘benefit’ and who is it for? The ‘needy’, of course. Anyone else getting it?...
Kristian Niemietz
14 March 2012

  Suppose a government institution regularly orders its office stationery from a company which caters specifically to public sector clients. Suppose inquisitive journalists find out that...
Steven Kates
9 March 2012

There was a passage in the Wall Street Journal’s Notable & Quotable column the other day from an essay written by John Stuart Mill in 1844, which I suppose was included...
Christopher Snowdon
1 March 2012
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The early findings of the Office for National Statistics’ much-discussed survey of national well-being have confirmed what anybody who is familiar with the field of ‘happiness...
Tim Congdon
29 February 2012

Free market capitalism is the best system of economic organisation ever devised. The 20th century demonstrated that it is consistent with both material prosperity and personal freedom. However, the...
Philip Booth
20 February 2012

Recent US growth figures seem to have re-energised naive Keynesians who, lacking any real evidence or credible prior theory for their case, leap upon anything that can justify policies that involve...
Ruth Porter
16 February 2012
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To hear First Minister Alex Salmond tell it, gaining independence from the U.K. is the most pressing issue facing Scots. But a look at the state of the Scottish economy, with public spending...
Philip Booth
15 February 2012

The UK has been put on a credit-rating downgrade watch. This is not surprising, but one wonders whether Moody’s is focusing on the right issues. In particular, Moody’s cited the lack of...