Ryan Bourne
11 November 2015
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On 11 November, the UBS European Conference 2015 hosted a panel discussion entitled ‘Income Inequality: Consequences and Solutions’. The IEA’s Ryan Bourne was one of the panellists...
Stephen Michael MacLean
27 November 2014

Following the Democratic rout in the American mid-term elections, defenders of limited government will wonder whether a Republican-led Congress will govern according to constitutional principles or...
Philip Booth
7 October 2014
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There is a time and a place for ‘sloganeering’ – the use of casual phrases to communicate complex messages. In my view, ordained ministers of the Church should avoid sloganeering...
Philip Booth
23 December 2013
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Pope Francis's Apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium is a manifesto for evangelisation that challenges every reader at every point in the development of the narrative. In nearly all parts of...
Tom Papworth
26 January 2012

Over at the Adam Smith Institute blog, Jan Boucek has a typically pugnacious article slapping down the Prime Minister for relying on ‘market failure’ as an excuse to meddle in the...
Richard Wellings
19 January 2012
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Capitalism has a problem. Increasingly it is viewed as a deeply unfair system favouring a small, privileged elite at the expense of everyone else. Our politicians have been quick to join the...
Kevin Dowd
18 October 2010

One of the most important issues in the ongoing economic controversy is whether the crisis is due to a “failure of capitalism”. What both sides of this argument often overlook, however,...