Nick Hayns
13 December 2011

It seems to be something of a truism in politics that if an untruth is repeated loud enough and with enough frequency it becomes imbued with a de-facto plausibility. 'It must be a good idea if...
Nick Hayns
14 September 2011

Writing an article on the fate of the eurozone in recent times has been something of a fool's errand. No sooner has the ink dried on the page, or the printer whirred into life, than a news...
Nick Hayns
12 July 2011

‘Support for UK cuts plummets’ screams a hyperbolic headline in today’s Financial Times. It relates to a poll carried out by the FT and Harris. Let us put aside the question as to...
Nick Hayns
21 March 2011

You may have heard of UK Uncut? They’re certainly good at attracting attention: forcing their way into Barclay’s bank the other week and managing to close a branch of TopShop...
Nick Hayns
22 February 2011

Last night’s really rather depressing Dispatches programme, on Channel 4, ended with a rousing signal to arms, a clarion call from journalist Mark Sparrow for there to be “a patients...
Nick Hayns
11 November 2010
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Fair Trade is everywhere. All the big brands have bought into it and in some supermarkets certain products can only be purchased in their Fair Trade incarnation. We coffee-lovers get to enjoy our...
Nick Hayns
5 November 2010

Tonight is Bonfire Night. That night of the year where some people celebrate Guy Fawkes’ failure to blow up the Houses of Parliament by almost burning down their own and where the government...

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