Richard Teather
28 June 2016

The opinion polls were wrong again; Brexit has won (and as a Lancastrian I was delighted to see the North stay solid for out).  But now the hard work begins of building alternative structures,...
Ryan Bourne
12 January 2016
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Rumours abound that the government is secretly quite keen on imposing a new tax on sugary drinks, to attempt to combat obesity. There are strong arguments against such a proposal. These taxes hit the...
Philip Booth
27 February 2012

Tim Montgomerie has been a leading advocate of a move from income to wealth taxes in recent months. In a recent article in The Times he dismissed what he described as fallacies about wealth taxes....
Philip Booth
4 January 2011

It is very clear that the government cannot carry on borrowing at current rates and the coalition’s proposals for reducing government borrowing are prudent. However, today’s VAT rise is...
Richard Wellings
4 January 2011

In the context of Britain’s fiscal crisis, today's rise in VAT from 17.5% to 20% may be seen by some as a necessary evil. Moreover, indirect taxes such as VAT are often regarded as less...