Benedikt Koehler
22 October 2014
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George Bush, a New England minister, explained the term ‘caliph’ came from ‘the Hebrew chalaph; to be changed, to succeed, to pass round in a revolution’. This definition from...
Kristian Niemietz
31 March 2014
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In health policy, a good rule of thumb for distinguishing nonsense from arguments that deserve a hearing is to ask oneself whether one would accept the same logic in other sectors. This formula...
Philip Booth
24 July 2013

The Catholic Church has a social teaching because social and economic relationships are human relationships. There is much room for disagreement on specific policy issues but, when it comes to the...
Philip Booth
10 May 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s latest foray into the world of political economy does him even less credit than his previous attempts. He is an intelligent man, but capable of arguments...
Mark Pennington
10 January 2011

At the core of my new book, Robust Political Economy: Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy, is a very basic but oft neglected idea – ‘failure’ is endemic to all...