Mark Littlewood
12 September 2011
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How on earth, most people wish to know, did we get to the precipice of full scale economic collapse in 2008? Aren’t banking and financial services one of the few things Britain is supposed to...
Andrew Lilico
11 April 2011

The fundamental problem in the banking sector is that bank creditors are not exposed to risk of loss. Who are the bank creditors? There are two key sorts: bondholders and depositors. So any useful...
G. R. Steele
1 April 2011
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Ireland is not stupid. When credit is offered, it chooses the lowest rate. Ireland’s ‘bailout’ from the European System of Central Banks (ESCB - the eurosystem) is larger (€...
Cliff Pratten
10 March 2011

It is difficult to argue against the view that with assets about thirty times their capital in 2007, UK banks were under capitalised, but papers written at the Bank of England go far beyond making...
Tom Papworth
7 March 2011

Over at the Adam Smith Institute, Dr. Eamonn Butler criticises Stephen Williams’ proposals to give away the Government’s shares in RBS and Lloyds to each and every person in the country...
Philip Booth
11 January 2011

Nick Clegg today said that he understood bonus anger. I think that any sane person also understands bonus anger. It is therefore incumbent upon politicians to explain patiently, and with sensitivity...