Philip Booth
17 February 2014

Bishop Pat Lynch is absolutely right to be concerned about whether migrants, asylum-seekers and those in great need will be able to get health care as a result of government reforms. The principles...
Tom Papworth
25 June 2012

The Orange Book's authors made the book what it is. Had it not been for David Laws MP and Paul Marshall, it might have been nothing more than an obscure collection of policy articles...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
29 March 2012

  In the debate over proposed market reforms in the NHS, opinions are plentiful but few commentators back up their opinions with evidence.  So, what does the evidence say? It is...
Richard Wellings
23 January 2012

The National Health Service enjoys strong support among the public, making it almost impossible to introduce radical reforms, even if the performance of the NHS is relatively poor compared with...
Kristian Niemietz
15 June 2011

Advocates of a denationalisation of healthcare frequently come across the objection that healthcare is not amenable to individual choice. People may be trusted to make sensible decisions when it...
Kristian Niemietz
16 May 2011

A foreign visitor recently asked me what I thought about the government’s plans to ‘privatise the NHS’. Somewhat irritated, I assured him that no such plans existed, nor anything...
Nick Hayns
22 February 2011

Last night’s really rather depressing Dispatches programme, on Channel 4, ended with a rousing signal to arms, a clarion call from journalist Mark Sparrow for there to be “a patients...
David Cowan
18 January 2011
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Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill promises the biggest top down reorganisation of the NHS since its inception. This is a consummation of the reforms that have been implemented since...