Lawrence H. White
13 February 2014

On 18 September 2014, Scotland will hold a voter referendum on whether it should become independent. If voters say ‘yes’, what money should the newly independent Scotland adopt?...
Charles B. Blankart
28 August 2013

Germany’s elections are just around the corner. But if Chancellor Merkel gets her way, there will not be much to vote on. Voters may be given a choice on issues like nursery places, but not on...
Philip Booth
12 April 2013

Today the IEA published a monograph, The Euro: the Beginning, the Middle and…the End? Given the meeting of EU finance ministers today, there is certainly some food for thought in the...
Philip Booth
26 March 2013
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Countries often impose extreme “temporary” policies in emergencies. In Britain, emergency rent controls, passed in 1917, were not substantially amended until 1988. In the Second...
Kristian Niemietz
23 May 2012

The rate for travel insurance depends critically on where we go and what we do there. A hiking tour through the Amazon rainforest comes at a higher premium than a stay at a health spa at Lake...
Juan Ramón Rallo
22 May 2012

It is not austerity but the threat of insolvency that is killing peripheral economies such as Spain. Since it has become clear that the European Union is not willing to completely mutualise risks...
Philip Booth
18 May 2012
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Working out who exactly owes what to whom in the eurozone is an increasingly difficult job. Money is pouring out of Greece and now, it would appear, Spain at a rapid rate. €700m apparently...
Vuk Vukovic
23 April 2012

Last month saw the first eurozone default. Greece defaulted on its debt, but this event, contrary to popular belief in the final quarter of 2011, did not cause an abrupt panic. It did not force...
Philip Booth
20 January 2012

Many UK economists are pretty sanguine about euro break-up. Patrick Minford, for example, in the minutes of the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee this month wrote that tales of disaster have little...
Adam Tebble
6 January 2012

BBC Online recently produced an informative presentation entitled ‘What really caused the eurozone crisis?’ Taking the reader through a number of key steps and moments, it shows in...
G. R. Steele
17 November 2011

The European Central Bank (ECB) sits at the centre of a clearing system (‘TARGET2’) for national central banks (NCBs) within the eurozone. The pattern that has built up, particularly...
Philip Booth
20 September 2011

There is much discussion about how to deal with the indebtedness of eurozone countries. Economic analysis is not straightforward, of course. We always have to be aware of the "...
Nick Hayns
14 September 2011

Writing an article on the fate of the eurozone in recent times has been something of a fool's errand. No sooner has the ink dried on the page, or the printer whirred into life, than a news...
Alberto Mingardi
20 June 2011

Late last year Philip Booth and I proposed a solution to the euro crisis in an article for the Wall Street Journal. This would not resolve all the problems - indeed one of the purposes of the...
Richard Wellings
25 March 2011

They were warned. In the late 1990s, eminent economists queued up to explain the flaws in the euro project. Chief among them was Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, who in 1999 – the year the...
Philipp Bagus
25 January 2011

Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal will need to raise over $800 billion in 2011 to cover roll-over debt and new borrowing. It is unclear if the eurozone will withstand the pressure of bond markets...

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