Ryan Bourne
16 January 2015

"What is the point of walls and warships and glittering statues if the men who build them are not happy?’ asked Socrates in the 5th century BC. "It is preoccupation with possessions,...
Kristian Niemietz
18 July 2013

As economists, we are used to looking at summary indicators of living standards – income, expenditure, consumption etc. – and comparing them over time. Such measures are indispensable for...
Kristian Niemietz
18 April 2013

The purpose of a think tank – the clue is in the name – is to think big and holistically. When others talk about the colour of the curtains, we are supposed to be talking about the...
Philip Booth
26 January 2011
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As Mervyn King suggested last night, the prospects for living standards in the near future are grim. Higher economic growth will help and the government should therefore pursue policies that...