David S. D’Amato
4 November 2013

The peculiarities of the United States’ recurrent debt ceiling disputes stem from the Great War, when Congress resolved to allow the Department of the Treasury to issue bonds up to a certain...
Nima Sanandaji
28 August 2012

  Sweden and other Nordic nations are often regarded as role models whose policies should be copied by others. The reason is simply that these countries are characterised by good social...
Steven Horwitz
25 July 2012
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Many believe that the housing boom and Great Recession were the result of human greed and the supposed deregulation of financial markets, both of which thereby demonstrate the failure of free...
Amul Pandya
9 February 2012

The Australian government recently decided to homogenise tobacco products by forcing them into uniform packaging. A key question is whether ‘public health’ provides sufficient grounds...
Philip Booth
27 January 2011
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The Government reportedly feels that its Big Society programme has stalled. It is not surprising. The coalition’s idea of the Big Society often seems to involve no more than getting a few...