Philip Booth
12 July 2013
1 comment

The aspect of the tax avoidance debate which most exercises organisations such as Christian Aid is the issue of the taxation of companies with subsidiaries in poor countries. Christian Aid links tax...
James Stanfield
3 November 2011

The recent call to cap the number of charity shops on Britain's high streets sheds light on some of the hidden costs and unintended consequences of charitable giving and the fact that too much...
James Stanfield
26 May 2011

The current controversy surrounding independent schools and their charitable status is becoming increasingly absurd. First, the public benefit test is a pointless exercise because it should be...
Philip Booth
24 March 2011

Of all Christ’s teachings as reflected in the gospel accounts, there is none as consistent as his defense of the poor and downtrodden. This teaching applies also to international relations...
Philip Booth
27 January 2011
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The Government reportedly feels that its Big Society programme has stalled. It is not surprising. The coalition’s idea of the Big Society often seems to involve no more than getting a few...

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