Philip Booth
7 September 2015

A tax haven levies certain taxes at a zero or very low rate and combines this with limited information flows to other countries’ tax authorities and a lack of transparency in law making. By the...
Philip Booth
28 May 2012

If one were to set out to design a malfunctional tax and benefits system from scratch you would probably end up with what we have in the UK. As such, the Taxpayers’ Alliance new...
Philip Booth
10 July 2011
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The coalition government is short of policies that the free-market movement around the world might point to in generations to come as being of some importance in rolling back the state. Radicalism...
Tim Worstall
18 March 2011

Isn't it exciting that we have the youth of the nation demonstrating in the streets about how awfully people abuse the tax system? And isn't about time that we pointed out to the youth of...
Len Shackleton
11 February 2011

UK Uncut is a pressure group which has achieved prominence recently by publicising allegations of tax avoidance by firms such as Topshop, Vodafone, Tesco and Boots. Its visibility has been enhanced...