Graeme Leach
17 July 2013

A key part of EU policy over the last 20 years or so has been the completion of what is described as an ‘internal market’. This involves not just the removal of explicit trade barriers...
Gurpreet Hayre
19 March 2012

  Whilst western economies have recently been experiencing recession and stagnation, many countries in Asia have enjoyed rapid economic growth, which has been sustained over several...
Philip Booth
15 November 2011
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Mario Monti has the technical ability to deliver much needed privatisation and liberalisation, but whether he is able to survive the rigours of democratic politics is another matter. When the euro...
Mark Pennington
16 March 2011

Events in the Middle East and concern over the likely impact of democratic change in the region on the prospects for peace with Israel, and beyond, raise important questions about the...
Philip Booth
17 February 2011

The government has realised belatedly that it wants to pursue an agenda for  ' growth '. The problem with this sort of language is that it encourages government...