Peter Ainsworth
23 October 2014

As the father of four children who graduated in the last few years, I understood and sympathised with their concern about tuition fee debts and the difficulties of finding a rewarding occupation....
Glynn Brailsford
20 October 2014

The Honourable Joe Hockey, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, sat down with ieaTV to discuss how the Australian government has managed to address the long-term fiscal challenges presented by...
Sam Collins
17 October 2014

There is a wonderful story about the realism (or pessimism) of young people. A polling company had asked a group of university students whether they believed they had a better chance of receiving a...
Ryan Bourne
15 October 2014

Yesterday’s inflation figures – with CPI inflation down to 1.2 per cent - are, on the face of it, good news, but not necessarily for the government finances. As Sam Bowman of the ASI has...
Richard Wellings
19 March 2014

History is unlikely to be kind to George Osborne. Four years after he became Chancellor, the national debt has exploded, the budget deficit remains at dangerously high levels and an increasing share...
Ryan Bourne
18 March 2014

With Budget day upon us tomorrow, we can expect to be told that we are almost half-way through the government’s planned fiscal consolidation. Politicians will talk about how they are...
Jagadeesh Gokhale
13 March 2014
1 comment

The national budget reports of most developed nations are based on current cash flows of tax collections and government expenditures - and views on national indebtedness are based on metrics such as...
Ryan Bourne
18 February 2014

I’d just arrived in the office when the telephone rang. The enraged caller let rip in a ten-minute diatribe before threatening to put something disgusting through my letter box. For similar...
David S. D’Amato
4 November 2013

The peculiarities of the United States’ recurrent debt ceiling disputes stem from the Great War, when Congress resolved to allow the Department of the Treasury to issue bonds up to a certain...
Philip Booth
10 June 2013

Whenever the left wish to make an argument for their favourite form of government intervention they always use – normally dressed up in more comprehensible language – some form of...
Nick Silver
10 October 2011

  The Treasury has recently published Whole of Government Accounts (WGAs), which for the first time include an estimate of the UK’s actual debt, including pension liabilities. Firstly...
Stephen Michael MacLean
25 July 2011

Negotiations in Washington are providing an instructive lesson in political economy as both parties haggle over terms for raising the debt ceiling (currently at $14.3 trillion, to be hit on 2nd...
Mark Littlewood
6 July 2011
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Next week, Conservative MP Sajid Javid will put forward a ‘ten minute rule bill’ to attempt to introduce a legal cap on the size of the net national debt. Although the proposal has no...
Philipp Bagus
28 June 2011

A second aid package to the Greek government hinges on severe austerity measures. Why doesn’t Greece simply default and leave the euro as so many Greek protestors demand on the streets...
G. R. Steele
18 April 2011

The eurozone came with fine aspirations: according to article 127 in the consolidated version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union ‘the primary objective of the European...
Richard Wellings
14 April 2011

Despite the cuts, the coalition Government will raise our national debt by almost £500bn over this Parliament. This is just the official debt. When other liabilities such as pensions are...
Philip Booth
18 November 2010

David Blanchflower has once again suggested that we would not need to worry about austerity if only we allowed price inflation of 5% for a few years. Let us ignore the moral issues of whether...
Nick Silver
8 September 2010

Earlier this year I published a report estimating British government debt at  £4.8 trillion . However, over the summer the Office for National Statistics (ONS) ...
Oliver Marc Hartwich
15 October 2009

The International Monetary Fund has just presented perhaps the gloomiest forecast for Britain’s public finances so far. It predicts that by next year, Britain’s debt will stand at...
Kristian Niemietz
17 September 2009

What’s the easiest way for a government to push their country into the top ten in a worldwide ranking of economic freedom? Coupling unpopular reforms (such as spending cuts) with popular ones...

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