Ryan Bourne
15 April 2014

With the ‘stimulus’ versus ‘austerity’ debate having receded, George Osborne likes to talk instead about his ‘long-term economic plan’. This has been dominated by...
Philip Booth
13 July 2011
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If you google the phrase 'vicious public spending cuts' you get 64,000 results from UK websites. Even if 32,000 of those are references to articles written by Polly Toynbee, that...
Nick Hayns
12 July 2011

‘Support for UK cuts plummets’ screams a hyperbolic headline in today’s Financial Times. It relates to a poll carried out by the FT and Harris. Let us put aside the question as to...
David B. Smith
16 March 2011

With total non-oil taxes equivalent to more than 78% of residual private-sector GDP measured at factor cost once government spending has been subtracted, the British economy is probably now on the...