Anthony Evans
5 August 2015

I've written quite a bit about ‘neoliberalism’, not least in my 2009 book The neoliberal revolution in Eastern Europe. My frustration with the critics of neoliberalism is that they so...
Steve Davies
29 April 2013
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In an earlier blog post, Philip Booth discussed the likely scenarios for Scottish monetary policy in the event of Scottish independence and the difficulties, both political and economic, associated...
Kevin Dowd
28 September 2012

  I am very grateful to the IEA for making Private Money available as a free download on the web. On looking back over it – it was written and published in 1988 - I am struck by how...
Richard Wellings
15 September 2009

●  Philip Booth argues we need less financial regulation if we want a less oligopolistic financial sector   ●  Patrick Basham examines the evidence on young smokers and tobacco...
Richard Wellings
7 August 2009

●  Tim Congdon analyses Britain’s public debt crisis   ●  George Selgin suggests the US economy would be better off without the Federal Reserve    ●...
Richard Wellings
18 May 2009

●  Philip Booth explains how regulation contributed to the financial crisis   ●  Theodore Bromund reviews Verdict on the Crash   ●  Tom Clougherty on Tax Freedom Day...
Richard Wellings
15 April 2009

The publication of a new edition of A Tiger by the Tail: The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation means that four books by Nobel laureate Friedrich von Hayek can now be downloaded free of charge in pdf...
Philip Booth
1 April 2009

There is a strange post on Guido’s blog suggesting that even the IEA is advocating quantitative easing (QE). He says that he reached this conclusion after ringing round the “centre-...
Richard Wellings
25 March 2009

●  Philip Booth lectures on “Catholicism and Capitalism” at Westminster Cathedral Hall (video)   ●  Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy argue that we must not let the ‘...
Terry Arthur
10 February 2009

Kristian Niemietz
11 December 2008

The online edition of the Handelsblatt, a major German business newspaper, recently featured an op-ed blaming government-created ’fiat money’ for the current financial crisis. It...
Richard Wellings
16 October 2008

Several bloggers, including Guido Fawkes, have rightly emphasised the relevance of Ludwig von Mises’ work to the current financial crisis. The writings of Mises’ pupil, Nobel...
Terry Arthur
10 October 2008

On 9th October, Anatole Kaletsky, Associate Editor of The Times, wrote “Banking crises have never been resolved purely by market forces. Once a financial panic starts, government intervention...