Kristian Niemietz
2 February 2012
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'And goodbye to one of our lovely Bumblebee health-food shops in north London, finally defeated by another greedy developer who wants to turn it into flats.’ What I appreciate about...
Philip Booth
20 October 2011

The corporate tax systems of developed countries are a labyrinthine mess that often leads to double or even triple taxation of investors. Companies can pay corporation tax on their profits; if the...
Kristian Niemietz
21 July 2011

‘Absolute bloody idiots’, ‘insane ramblings of an extremist group’, ‘this insanity belongs in the bin’, ‘makes me wonder what these educated idiots who...
Kristian Niemietz
31 March 2011
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In providing a pseudo-rationalisation for last Saturday’s march against mathematics, the Guardian has assembled a video documenting a variety of supposed ‘alternatives’. The ideas...