Christopher Snowdon
1 March 2012
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The early findings of the Office for National Statistics’ much-discussed survey of national well-being have confirmed what anybody who is familiar with the field of ‘happiness...
Ruth Porter
16 January 2012

When it comes to happiness, myths abound. For centuries we have hotly debated what makes a good life, where satisfaction ultimately comes from and fundamentally how we can be happy. The...
Philip Booth
16 January 2012

A major policy plank in the re-branding of the Conservative Party has been the adoption of well-being economics – one of the favourite fads of the left. Six years ago, David Cameron made a...
Kristian Niemietz
29 September 2011

Imagine I conducted a qualitative, interview-based study enquiring into some social problem. Suppose upon reading my report, you realise that by an uncanny coincidence, my interviewees’...
Mark Pennington
4 May 2011

Among the themes to emerge from ‘happiness economics’ one seized on by those disapproving of open markets and the decision-making autonomy they may bring is that having ‘choice...
Paul Ormerod
12 April 2011

The launch today of the Action for Happiness organisation promotes yet again the old canard that material prosperity does not cause happiness. True, over the past few decades measured happiness has...