John Spiers
14 July 2010
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My recent book on health policy, Who Decides Who Decides?, discussed the many ways in which central government does all it can to avoid placing money directly into the hands of the consumer....
John Spiers
5 November 2008

One of the commonest complaints about the NHS is: “I’ve paid in all my life, so why can’t I have…” Yet patients still have no power to command a necessarily personal,...
John Spiers
29 October 2008

A key issue in individual access to healthcare is who decides who shall get what, when and how. Which economic instruments and direct incentives can do most to deliver universal access, improved...
John Spiers
15 October 2008

How radical will the new Lord Mandelson be in seeking to reinvigorate the ‘New Labour’ brand? With the regulatory levers in his fresh hands he has a key opportunity to free the...