Ryan Bourne
14 October 2014

‘Race relations/immigration’ is now ranked by voters as the most important issue facing Britain, according to Ipsos MORI. On 39 per cent, it’s above the economy and the NHS –...
John H. Cochrane
27 June 2014

    Hoover's Peregrine asked me to write an essay with the title, ‘What is the optimal number of immigrants to the US?’   My answer: Two billion, two million,...
Kristian Niemietz
6 September 2013
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Unemployment and underemployment in the UK are still far too high. But given the circumstances, the UK’s labour market is in a far better shape than we might have expected. In much of Europe,...
James Bartholomew
14 May 2013

It is sad to see the Pope enter into the political and economic arena. He does not understand the issues and therefore has made wholly misguided remarks which are dangerous for the people of...
Philip Booth
16 May 2012

  It might be thought that a succession of ‘tax cutting’ governments from 1979 and a government pledged to reduce inequality from 1997 would have led to a huge increase in the...
Len Shackleton
5 July 2011
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The Office for National Statistics has published a new estimate of the size of the hourly pay gap between the public and private sectors. It shows that, after correcting for factors such as the...
Mark Pennington
6 June 2011

I haven’t been able to post for the last week or so owing to my lecturing on the Institute for Humane Studies Liberty and Society Summer Seminars (i’m currently between seminars). Last...