Philip Booth
18 December 2015
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Pope Francis has frequently described the present global financial system as an “economy that kills”. He often specifically criticises speculation on food prices. Addressing the UN this...
Ryan Bourne
25 September 2014

Earlier this week, I outlined the red herrings that distort the debate about low pay and the cost of living. These create an environment for politicians to advocate economically damaging...
Philip Booth
28 February 2014

With the election phoney war now under way, it appears that the main issue dividing the parties will be the cost of living. Unfortunately, politicians seem to have no real ambition to resolve the...
Kristian Niemietz
18 January 2013

Imagine there was a Food Tax which had the effect of raising food prices by, say, 17% on average. The tax revenue was collected centrally, and then disbursed to agricultural producers. That tax...
Steve Davies
8 June 2011
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A report recently published by Oxfam received a huge amount of attention. The report argued that world food prices will double over the next thirty years and that the only solution is ‘...