Philip Booth
19 February 2015
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In response to an article for The Tablet on Oxfam’s wealth inequality figures, Mr Fuentes-Nieva, Head of Research at Oxfam, makes some counterpoints in a letter to The Tablet (also repeated in...
Philip Booth
29 January 2015

In recent months the global elite, including the Catholic head of the Bank of England Mark Carney, have joined Pope Francis in expressing concern about inequality. The issue was also discussed at...
Ryan Bourne
28 January 2015

Fairly often the facts get in the way of a good meme. The cricketer Stuart Broad has angered a host of constantly-outraged egalitarians by tweeting that ‘I’ve heard if you earn minimum...
Ryan Bourne
19 January 2015
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Global capitalism has eradicated poverty and generated prosperity in the developing world at an unprecedented rate. You might imagine that a global anti-poverty charity, such as Oxfam, would...
Ryan Bourne
13 June 2014

Zero-hours contracts. High prices. Benefit cuts. Unemployment. Childcare costs. According to the international development charity Oxfam, the combination of these individual factors in Britain has...
Kristian Niemietz
22 December 2012

When I began working on poverty issues, I had the naïve idea that a child poverty activist was somebody who raised money to help poor children. That was not entirely wrong; there are a few...
Steve Davies
8 June 2011
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A report recently published by Oxfam received a huge amount of attention. The report argued that world food prices will double over the next thirty years and that the only solution is ‘...