Ryan Bourne
30 June 2015

Nothing is certain in life but death and the annual claim that the poorest fifth of households pay the highest proportion of their incomes in taxes. Each year, when the ONS publishes its ‘...
Lawrence H. Summers
8 June 2015
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In many respects, Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century embodies the virtues that we all would like to see but find too infrequently in the work of academic economists. It is...
Stephen Michael MacLean
17 July 2014
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During Prime Minister’s Questions this week, David Cameron batted back Labour criticism of the government’s economic policy by quoting the Shadow Deputy Prime Minister: ‘I think...
Ryan Bourne
17 June 2014
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The British tax system just isn’t progressive enough, the Equality Trust claimed yesterday. After citing survey figures showing that 68 per cent of the UK population believe households in the...
G. R. Steele
22 June 2011

The condemnation of benefit fraud and tax avoidance obscures a difference. Benefit cheats make fraudulent claims upon the earnings of others. Tax avoiders use legitimate means to retain their own...