Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne
21 January 2016

As Uber, an app which connects riders with private drivers, has spread throughout Europe, it has been met with backlash from taxi drivers and regulators. For example, a recent headline in The...
Steven Horwitz
2 November 2015

“The motives of fear and greed are what the market brings to prominence,” argues G.A. Cohen in Why Not Socialism? “One’s opposite-number marketeers are predominantly seen as...
Kristian Niemietz
26 August 2015
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Which country in the world has the best healthcare? Is the NHS fit for purpose? What are the alternatives? How are our healthcare systems going to change in the future? Can the free market provide...
Kristian Niemietz
18 October 2011

Successful political movements emerge when people with diverging aims can be persuaded that they are really on the same side, that their aims are just different aspects of the same broader cause....
Stephen Michael MacLean
27 June 2011

Public choice theory - the application of economics to politics - is inspired by classical liberal principles of free markets and limited government. With its focus on government depredations on...