Kwasi Kwarteng
31 May 2012

Britain currently has two emergency fiscal rules. There is a commitment, roughly speaking, to eliminate the structural deficit and to start shrinking net debt by 2015-6. These short term measures...
Adam Tebble
6 January 2012

BBC Online recently produced an informative presentation entitled ‘What really caused the eurozone crisis?’ Taking the reader through a number of key steps and moments, it shows in...
Alberto Mingardi
19 December 2011
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Unfortunately prime minister Mario Monti appears not to have read the insightful comment by Philip Booth, who suggested that ‘a radical programme of economic reform in Italy and elsewhere...
Holger Zemanek
24 November 2011

The results of the last EU summit were labelled by politicians as the final step to resolve the eurozone debt crisis. The member states’ guarantees to the EFSF, the supranational rescue fund...
G. R. Steele
17 November 2011

The European Central Bank (ECB) sits at the centre of a clearing system (‘TARGET2’) for national central banks (NCBs) within the eurozone. The pattern that has built up, particularly...
Philip Booth
15 November 2011
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Mario Monti has the technical ability to deliver much needed privatisation and liberalisation, but whether he is able to survive the rigours of democratic politics is another matter. When the euro...
Alberto Mingardi
4 November 2011

The European debt crisis is bringing Italy into uncharted waters. With an over-400 basis point spread between Italian bonds and German bunds, a 1,900 billion euro public debt, and zero growth...
Richard Wellings
27 October 2011

European leaders are advocating greater fiscal integration in response to the ongoing euro crisis. Despite their professed euroscepticism, David Cameron and George Osborne have offered their...
Nick Hayns
14 September 2011

Writing an article on the fate of the eurozone in recent times has been something of a fool's errand. No sooner has the ink dried on the page, or the printer whirred into life, than a news...
Kristian Niemietz
4 July 2011

A man comes in to his regular delicatessen shop and blurts out at the owner, ‘You need to help me out! The bank is cutting my credit line, just as a big instalment to my other bank comes due...