Richard Wellings
4 June 2015

There have been various attempts to regenerate the cities of the North over the last fifty years or so. All have failed to transform the region. As a Policy Exchange study put it, ‘attempts to...
David Starkie
8 May 2015
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The 2015 election campaign offered the electorate a choice of policies on HS2: The two major parties, plus the Lib Dems supported the project, the Green Party and UKIP opposed it. But it was a case...
Richard Wellings
16 December 2014

The recent announcement that the projected cost of Crossrail 2 has risen to £27 billion should be cause for deep concern within the Treasury. Added to High Speed 2 and High Speed 3, this means...
Glynn Brailsford
12 December 2014
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With severe congestion on the roads, overcrowding on commuter trains and long delays at the hub airport, Britain's transport system seems to be grinding to a halt. These problems are the direct...
John Burton
18 November 2013

One of the so-called ‘Big Beasts’ of UK politics and government, Lord Heseltine - formerly cast as ‘Tarzan’ by much of the media - has recently swung (again!) through the tree...
John Burton
24 October 2013

Mark Twain contended that there are three kinds of lies: 'lies, damned lies, and statistics'. These matters have become even more vexed since his sardonic remark in 1906. Whilst the (...
David S. D’Amato
11 September 2013
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In the face of mounting doubts as to the merits of High Speed 2 (HS2), Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin continues to maintain that the advantages of the mammoth project are ‘absolutely...
John Burton
3 September 2013

The recent IEA evaluation of the High Speed 2 project has presaged much further criticism of this serious misadventure. A former Transport Secretary/Chancellor, Alistair Darling, has described the...
Richard Wellings
19 August 2013

In a 1965 book, The Logic of Collective Action, the American economist Mancur Olson explores the impact of special interest groups on the political process. Olson’s hypotheses are derived from...
Peter Kain
30 July 2013

We are conditioned to accept that as projects such as High Speed 2 (HS2) are progressed, the cost estimates will rise. This, of course, invalidates a cost-benefit analysis – unless benefits are...
Kyn Aizlewood
10 January 2012

In July 2011, the IEA published a study on the government’s plans to develop a high speed rail network in England. High Speed 2 (HS2) extends the UK’s initial foray into high speed...
Richard Wellings
20 July 2011

Earlier this week, in a piece for ConservativeHome, Karen Lumley MP launched an astounding attack on the IEA’s latest research paper, High Speed 2: the next government project disaster? Her...