James Croft
11 March 2014

For entrepreneurs to succeed, they need space to innovate that is sufficiently free of regulatory constraints, buyers who are receptive to their breakthroughs and uninhibited in their procurement...
James Croft
19 September 2012

Michael Gove is one of those reforming politicians who galvanises support by polarising opinion. In the media frenzy surrounding the announcement of the government’s reforms to Key...
James Croft
18 July 2012

  Michael Gove has framed his proposals for franchising 14-16 exams provision on a one board per subject basis as part of a wider effort to address the problem of exam boards competing on...
James Croft and Relve Spread
28 February 2012

As part of its on-going enquiry into the administration of 15-19 examinations in England, the Education Select Committee took evidence in January on the strengths and weaknesses of the English...
James Croft
6 December 2011

Evaluating the system-wide impact of choice and competition on educational outcomes is a difficult task. Last summer Rebecca Allen, in a paper for Research in Public Policy, offered a useful...
James Croft
26 September 2011
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In yet another setback to the implementation of the British Conservatives party's free school policy, the leader of their Liberal Democrat coalition partners, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg,...

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