Gabriel H. Sahlgren
16 October 2013
1 comment

In a recent blog post, Sam Freedman, former advisor to Education Secretary Michael Gove, announced that he has changed his mind about the viability of for-profit schools. He no longer believes such...
James Stanfield
21 August 2012

Consider the following from an editorial in a national newspaper: ‘Educating children should not be for profit - learning has always been separate from the forces of the free market. And that...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
20 June 2012

In a recent column in the Guardian, Kevin Courtney lambasts the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, for ‘fly[ing] a kite for free schools to be allowed to make a profit...
Gabriel H. Sahlgren
24 February 2012

Yesterday, in a panel discussion at Policy Exchange – coinciding with their release of a report advocating ‘social enterprise’ schools, which would be forced to reinvest 50% of...
James Stanfield
14 November 2011

In 2003 the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) set up the Commission on the Private Sector and Development which was tasked with examining how the private sector and entrepreneurship can...
James Croft
26 September 2011
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In yet another setback to the implementation of the British Conservatives party's free school policy, the leader of their Liberal Democrat coalition partners, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg,...

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