John Burton
23 March 2015
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The question of whether the BBC is institutionally biased to the left and/or anti-capitalism (not necessarily quite the same) might provoke, in some quarters, the counter-query ‘Is the Pope a...
Philip Booth
10 July 2014

  Scott Sumner produced an excellent blog post on Piketty recently. It begins by quoting Piketty: ‘In my view, there is absolutely no doubt that the increase of inequality in United States...
Steven Kates
25 April 2013

I was given a copy of John Kenneth Galbraith's 1975 treatise which goes by the name of Money: Whence it Came, Where it Went. And there on pages 218-19 we find this: ‘Until Keynes, Say...
Kwasi Kwarteng
31 May 2012

Britain currently has two emergency fiscal rules. There is a commitment, roughly speaking, to eliminate the structural deficit and to start shrinking net debt by 2015-6. These short term measures...
Philip Booth
8 March 2012

  The government is to be applauded for its attempts to get the medium-term public finances under control. However, its enthusiasm to do so is leading, increasingly often, to decisions that...
Philip Booth
7 October 2011

Recession in the eurozone could trigger widespread sovereign defaults The eurozone sovereign debt situation is on a cliff edge. This may sound like a statement of the obvious given the chaos...